Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Eat healthy on Kauai at Verde! Mexican food with loads of greens.

Kauai is a favorite place of mine. We have quite a few different restaurants that we like to eat at when we are here and Verde is one of our top spots. Verde features New Mexican inspired cuisine with lots of sauces and delicious salsas. Their salsa and escabeche (pickled veggies and jalapenos) are so well loved that you can often find them at Costco near the other refrigerated salsas. I have been known to eat an entire container of their escabeche on my own!

Verde has many delicious options for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. I usually choose the vegetarian options which are filled with lots of green beans and broccoli. When I want to eat light I chose the Vegan tacos which come with lime on the side. The lime really accents the veggies. They are a bit messy but so delicious that I have been known to recreate them at home. I love foods that I can chow down on without worrying about my waist line.

Stacked veggie enchiladas @ Verde
I felt like being a bit decadent during our most recent trip so I chose the veggie stacked enchiladas. In this dish lightly fried corn tortillas are layered with green beans, broccoli, cheese, lettuce, guacamole and fresh salsa and then smothered with green chili sauce. It is the perfect combination of naughty gooey cheese and healthy fresh vegetables.

Verde loco moco
My husband loves Verde's version of a loco moco which is called a loco loco or something. It hasn't been on the menu for years, but he keeps asking for it and they keep making it! They use shredded beef instead of hamburger and green chili cause instead of gravy with 2 eggs on top. I'm pretty sure that he would eat it every day if he could.

Cardboard Verde take out box
Verde uses cardboard take out boxes instead of styrofoam since it is better for the environment. They often cover the food with foil as well to keep it warm and to protect it from spilling. Sometimes the cheese sticks to the foil which can be a a bit annoying but I really don't need to eat all of the cheese anyways.

If you sit down inside the restaurant I've heard that they have great margaritas but we usually choose take out. It is often very busy inside. I imagine that they will have to look for a bigger location soon!

If you are ever on the island of Kauai I highly recommend visiting Verde. We may make another stop before we leave :).

Hope that your week is full of light, love, happiness and amazing food!

<3 KM


  1. Oh I LOVE Mexican food. My boyfriend and I are both lacto-vegs and there's so many tasty Mexican dishes for us. *drool*

    I haven't been to Kauai yet, but I've always wanted to! I've always heard of its beauty -- mainly its gardens. I was actually thinking of going to the Big Island first, but maybe I'll make my way to Kauai before that! ^__^ And I'll keep this restaurant in mind.

    What other places in Kauai did you enjoy?

    1. Kauai is my favorite island, but I may be biased because I have roots there :P. Some of my favorite vegetarian friendly places are Hanalei Taro & Juice Company (taro hummus wrap, kulolo and poi), Mermaid's (tofu curry wrap), Papaya's Natural Foods & Cafe, Shivalik, Brick Oven Pizza and Mediterranean Gourmet. I think I'll have to write a post about this in the future :).

      Hope that you make you way to the islands soon! Kauai's beaches and hiking spots are awesome. Oahu has more city type things to do. I have heard great things about the island but I have never made it. It is definitely on my bucket list!

      <3 KM