Friday, March 24, 2017

Badass Dog Shirts

I am not really into dressing pets up in cute little outfits, but at times it becomes a necessity. My dog's hair is thinning as he gets older, so he is going to need some sun protection when he gets his summer hair cut. There is no way I am messing with goopy, doggy sunscreens. I am on the search for some badass, cool-dog shirts. This is what I found:


Is there anything cooler than exploring space in a rocket? I don't think so. 

Cool Fish

I am always down for some fish skeleton. This shirt is full of summer fun. I mean - check out those sunnies!


Little dogs love to pretend they are big, and where better to do that then Japan! Plus, Tom Waits, obviously. 

Octopus Balls

Continuing with the Japanese theme, I have here a shirt with takoyaki (a delicious Japanese treat). The American flag just adds a touch of bizarro. The shop that sells this, DurianLovers, has so many crazy shirts for dogs, many of the designs emblazoned on American flags. 

Pizza Steve

Pizza Steve is a Karate master. And my dog turns into a secret ninja when there is pepperoni pizza around. I think my dog would probably chose this shirt if I let him pick.


Everyone knows that shirts with H.S. Thompson quotes on them are a sure sign of coolness. Also, I am pretty sure the quote exemplifies your dog. It sure does for mine.


This shirt if for the conspiracy theorist, super paranoid dog. The kind of dog that is bristling at every small sound. My dog is waaaay too chill for this shirt, but it is still badass. 

Junkie Dog

And now for our final little number. This shirt is only for hardcore junkie dogs. My dog was on a lot of painkillers a few months back and we were always joking that he had turned into a grumpy dope fiend. He's mostly better now, so he doesn't need this shirt anymore. 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Meanwhile In Portland - Current Pics #wandering @sizzlepie @stumptown @groundkontrol

We've been having lots of fun this year. Helps to scare away the fear of our newest president, global warming and the looming mega earthquake that is bound to hit PDX. Here are some shots taken during my recent escapades.

This is the prettiest alcohol advert I have seen in awhile. Such striking colors! I try to tread lightly when it comes to hards but this picture is my current favorite self composition.

Inclusivity based signs are popping up all over the place. I really like this one found at Ground Kontrol, one of my favorite arcades. It covers so many bases. Hugs to everyone feeling out of place lately!

I spotted this lovely terrarium while drinking coffee at Stumptown. Not sure which location. It is quite large for a terrarium. The vine may be baby monstera leaves, which remind me of Hawai'i. Been having a bit of island fever lately, in the midst of our grey skies haha. 

I bought these Smash Mallows for $4 a bag at REI. They are lightly sugared, absolutely delicious marshmallows. Everyone at my place loves them! Nom!!!

I absolutely love this unnecessary, overpriced Moschino bag. It was on sale for $750 at Off Saks. 

This vegan pizza is so good that it literally made me shed tiny tears of joy. Sizzle Pie's spiral tap pizza is THE BEST pizza for those who don't do real cheese or fake cheese. So good! I like the W Burnside location so I can look for books at Powell's after stuffing myself. 

This is what the homeless camp by Chinatown looks like at the mo'. They have tarp tents and porta-potties. I have no idea why this site was chosen or taken over but its been here for quite a long time. 

It is kind of scary to pass by, but I am glad that it provides shelter to some members of our homeless community. I have watched it evolve over time. I'll try to take some more pics of it in the future, for the sake of history. 

Wishing you all the very best! 

<3 KM