Monday, September 28, 2015

Send Seriously Awesome eCards with justWink

Back in the day I loved sending and receiving cards from Blue Mountain. Recently I gave justWink a try and I am seriously impressed. The artwork that they use is adorable and they each pack a bit of sass and/or sarcasm - just how I like 'em! 

JustWink cards are very straight forward. Each card has a front, middle and back and it opens just as an actual paper card would. When it reaches your recipient's mailbox it shows up in it's own virtual envelope. 

There are no animations or music. I appreciate this! Sometimes I really like eCards with music and animations but other times I just want to read the message and smile.


In an age when many of us share email addresses more than actual physical addresses, these eCards can really come in handy. They are:

  • Delivered when you say so
    • Instantly or Scheduled
  • Variety of Address Options
    • Email
    • Facebook
    • Physical Address
  • Customizable Options
    • Personal note
    • Signature
    • Personal picture
  • Earth Friendly 
    • Saves paper
  • Perfect for procrastinators
    • Include a gift card for last minute gifts
  • Wallet Friendly
    • Many are free or cheap
  • Mobile
    • Can be viewed on any device

If you download the Just Wink app then you can attach an eGift to the card from places like Amazon and Starbuck's. Pretty much the best presents ever. You'll save money on the card and packaging so you can throw in an extra $5 if your feeling generous. 

If you like one of these cards but know that your recipient prefers paper cards you can actually send the card straight to their door with all of the personalizations included. Pretty spiffy! I want to try it out just because I can. 

Note: Some of these cards are for adults only while others are totally PG. It's probably best to read the middle of the card carefully before you send it to make sure that it's appropriate for your recipient.

Hope that you are all enjoying this early Fall weather, I know I am! 

 & ♡ KM

Friday, September 25, 2015

Old Green Slime

None of these items are in stock anymore. I guess slime is no longer in. I never knew it was in to begin with. I really want to make a copy of these shorts. They are the best example of green slime clothing I have come across. They used to be found here.

I'm pretty sure this shirt qualifies as pastel goth. The eyeballs, bone, and mushroom are nice accents to the slime. I'm not sure how I feel about the weird emoji at the bottom' though. 

This Dollskill sweatshirt is drippin' style. I wish it had a little more dimension like the shorts, but it shows how much a simple black line can do. 
Another item that used to be on Dollskill - this is a slime patch. I think they would look pretty cool on some cuffs.

And last but not least, a DIY jacket brought to you by Norelle Rheingold. She is one far out chick and I love it.

So what do you think? Should I turn these seldom-worn, neon-green pants into slime-topia?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Let's All Be Gypsies! New Song on Soundcloud

I love to wander. Every once in awhile I think that having the freedom to move from place to place in a heartbeat would be my absolute dream life. But then I remember how much I love my leather sofa... I think I just need to make a ton of money so I can wander during the summer and settle down during the winter.

Let's All Be Gypsies

I'm going 99
My mind 
Is always moving
Yeah we say this all the time
But its
Much more than dreaming

I lie awake 
Can't stop the
Can't stop the beat
I feel a quake 
Right under
Under my feet

So come on darling 
Roll along with me 
Let's all be gypsies
Leave our apartment
Sell all our things
And buy an RV

We'll roll from Portland to Ontario
Then drive all the way to Mexico
So come on darling 
Roll along with me
Let's all be gypsies

I lie awake 
Can't stop the
Can't stop the beat
I feel a quake 
Right under
Under my feet

So come on darling 
Roll along with me 
Let's all be gypsies
Leave our apartment
Sell all our things
And buy an RV

I can write and sing and you can code
Between you and me we're bound to hit gold
So come on darling ride along with me 
Let's all be gypsies

I'm going 99
My mind 
Is always moving
Yeah we say this all the time
But its
Much more than dreaming

 & ♡ KM

Friday, September 18, 2015

Sisters of the Black Moon

Sisters of the Black Moon is my new favorite online store. Too bad I will probably never have enough extra cash to spend there. Anyway, the items in this store  have a mystic, organic feeling to them. They have a comfortable simplicity that I want in my wardrobe. I am really into the idea of a tunic with thumb-holes. I may have to try and sew up a knockoff. 

The store has more then just clothes - they have jewelry, too. I don't usually see jewelry I like, unless it features bugs of spikes. I guess the rose thorns are a little spiky. It reminds me of Morticia Addam's penchant for removing the roses to admire the stems.

This is not the most practical ring. It probably catches on stuff and rubs funny on your finger, but it is beautiful. It is called "chasm," and reminds me of some volcanic planet engulfed in the magic of the ancients.

I've always wanted a hooded coat for those sharp winter winds and this one is in my favorite color! I think the drape of the hood says "coven member." Quite metaphysical!

The also have candles and various potions for beauty. I like the product design of the Good Night Dust. I'm totally going to start calling any sleeping aids I take "good night dust." To me it evokes the image of fairies sniffing moon flowers. 

You can find all of these and more at Sisters of the Black Moon.

Monday, September 14, 2015

A Gamer's Guide to Battling Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety can affect the best of us. Many people get anxious when performing in front of a crowd, others have a harder time meeting with people face to face. Those who have it really bad have a hard time leaving the house or even answering the door or phone.

Here are a few thoughts/mantras that have helped me battle SA throughout the years:
  • Life is a game. 
  • Every time you collaborate/connect with people there is an opportunity to level up IRL. 
  • Experiences add to your memory collection.
    • You can use these later to get ahead. 
  • Show yourself that you can triumph over fear. 
    • Btw you are so awesome that you have nothing to worry about! 
  • Be the person that you would want to adventure with.
    • Go out so that you can find people that you want to adventure with.
      • If you get rejected, just move on. Their loss! Your peeps are way better anyways. Make sure that you spend time with them. 
  • When getting ready to go out, dress as if you are ready to be photographed.
    • Pictures are the illustrations to our life stories.
    • Confidence is super attractive. 
  • Arrange your home so that it looks like a backdrop to a great story.
    • If you are down and not in the mood to clean get out into a nice place for awhile until you are re-energized. 
    • Focus on one room at a time if you have a lot to do. 
    • When it's ready you'll be more willing to invite people over. 
  • Plan trips to idyllic places with lots of opportunities for shenanigans. 
  • Remember - YOLO!
Public speaking is normal to me since I have performed in different ways throughout my life. However I have the hardest time answering the door if I feel like I don't have my game face on. I have been known to literally run away! I need to be prepared to see and talk to people.

There are certain times in my life when my SA got worse and other times when it was nearly non-existent. It took me awhile to feel like myself again after having my third child. Thankfully these little pick me ups along with a ton of support from those close to me have really helped me get over it. Life is a beautiful gift, make sure that you get out there and enjoy it while you can.

Hope that you all are having an exciting week! 

 & ♡ KM

Friday, September 11, 2015

I found this pretty cool Swedish brand that ships all over the world. I think they started out as a lingerie maker, but then expanded into other areas. Above is a pretty cool sports bra that they sell. It would be totally space-age goth, but I'm not digging the pink label. 

Two of my favorite colors are in one dress! I would totally see a sexy alien wearing this dress in a space epic.

This dress keeps cutouts classy and geometric.
The Nelly website also has videos of the models in the clothes so you can see how they move. I wish more online stores would do that. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Impossible Quiz - A Wonderful Waste of Time

If you are persistent aka super stubborn and are always up for an absurd challenge then try The Impossible Quiz. The perfectionist in me wants me to play this game over and over again until I beat it although it is completely ridiculous.

So far I have gotten to level 42. 42 is a beast! I may beat it tonight but we'll see. I have already spent about 30 minutes or more playing it haha. Here is a peek at some of the foolishness.

Most questions have some sort of misleading logic to them, although they appear completely illogical at first glance. If you can't figure it out contextually consider the question in an extremely literal sense and study the actual letters of the question.

Rather than try to explain the game in detail I have created a pie chart for all of you visual learners out there, myself included.

I seriously doubt that anyone outside of the creator's inner circle has beaten this game in one shot due to the sheer randomness of the answers. The Impossible Quiz is easy to play over and over again which encourages the player to memorize the answers in order to reach the newest level. It is quite an enjoyable puzzle game.

When you think about it, bells really do make this sound haha.
I'm trying not to give out any answers here but there are a few hints embedded in this article. It's probably easier to just click randomly until you figure it out though haha.

According to the website this game was originally published in 2007. It's still new to me though! Totally reminds me of a few Youtube videos that came out around that time such as The 5th Avocado and Schfifty Five. It was a weird time haha.

Happy Labor Day Monday!! I love Mondays off. Seriously the best way to start the week.

 & ♡ KM

Friday, September 4, 2015

Creepy Popsicles

When entering the last days of summer we have some decisions to make. What cooling treats will we eat? What should we wear before jackets adorn our arms? The answer to both is creepy popsicles! We must eat the kind of popsicles that stare back at us with tired eyes through dripping, pale blood.

A popsicle with a weapon attached - now we can fight vampires through the remaining humid nights. Just remember - it is a stake in your popsicle, not a steak, because that would be gross.

Everyone knows I am a sucker for anything implying atomic decay. Add in the green toxic sludge, and I am sold. I am sceming on how to make these for real. Maybe a key lime dreamsicle. 

This poor popsicle is coming back from the dead. He was left on the ground after being dropped and now he is seeking revenge. Will he survive the summer heat?

And last we have this cute little cyclops to serve you cold treats straight from her brain. I'm going to go outside and eat a pushpop while the sun is still shining it's evil rays. Enjoy the summer, while it lasts... Muhahaha!