Monday, September 7, 2015

The Impossible Quiz - A Wonderful Waste of Time

If you are persistent aka super stubborn and are always up for an absurd challenge then try The Impossible Quiz. The perfectionist in me wants me to play this game over and over again until I beat it although it is completely ridiculous.

So far I have gotten to level 42. 42 is a beast! I may beat it tonight but we'll see. I have already spent about 30 minutes or more playing it haha. Here is a peek at some of the foolishness.

Most questions have some sort of misleading logic to them, although they appear completely illogical at first glance. If you can't figure it out contextually consider the question in an extremely literal sense and study the actual letters of the question.

Rather than try to explain the game in detail I have created a pie chart for all of you visual learners out there, myself included.

I seriously doubt that anyone outside of the creator's inner circle has beaten this game in one shot due to the sheer randomness of the answers. The Impossible Quiz is easy to play over and over again which encourages the player to memorize the answers in order to reach the newest level. It is quite an enjoyable puzzle game.

When you think about it, bells really do make this sound haha.
I'm trying not to give out any answers here but there are a few hints embedded in this article. It's probably easier to just click randomly until you figure it out though haha.

According to the website this game was originally published in 2007. It's still new to me though! Totally reminds me of a few Youtube videos that came out around that time such as The 5th Avocado and Schfifty Five. It was a weird time haha.

Happy Labor Day Monday!! I love Mondays off. Seriously the best way to start the week.

 & ♡ KM


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