11:42 Style is the blog child of KM and MR, two ladies notorious for being just a little bit rebellious fashion and music-wise. We're a little bit like a modern day Thelma and Louise - minus the illegal activities.

Hi everyone, I'm KM.  I tend to get lost in thrift stores and H&M but I dream about shopping at Saks. I believe that everyone should dress however makes them feel the most beautiful. Boots always make me smile!

Singing and songwriting is how I deal with things, and I love discovering new music. I share my work at https://soundcloud.com/kmfern. Back in the day MR and I used to be in a band that I wanted to call "Man Shoes." I also love books and board games. I am straight up silly.

I love to wander around out in the wild and in the city. I'd like to be more active in preserving this world for the next generation, to make the world a better place for my little ones. Philosophy is key.

And I'm MR Fish. My style is practical with a bit of whimsy and a hard edge. I like to have lots of pockets and hoods. I have been known to shop in the men's section. The clothes I like best always seem to have an excessive amount of seams.

My favorite thing to do is take long walks in the city with my dog. I love finding strange, glinting things on the ground and eating foraged food. I take pictures of bugs, mushrooms, and plants I find along the way.

I like plants and growing veggies, flowers, and herbs. I love hot peppers. I even have some bonchi(pepper plants cut down to resemble bonsai). I enjoy animated shows and hope to one day create one. I write bizarro and science fiction, create metal and glass sculpture, and knit and sew my own designs. Digital art is fun, too. Maybe you'll get to see a few of my strange creations on this blog.

 "They're not feet - they're shoes!"

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