Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Classic Digital Watches ft. Casio, Timex and Neff

I can't stand analogue watches. I can read them, promise! I just think that it takes way more time to figure out the actual time than it does to just look at a digital watch. I'm actually good with numbers but I am directionally challenged, and a touch dyslexic, so clocks just aren't my strong suit.

Also analogue watches are often not as waterproof or sturdy. I am not the type to diligently take off my watch off before I jump in the water, go for a hike or do the dishes. Delicate things are not going to survive on my wrist.

The problem with this is that analog watches are so much prettier than digital watches. Most digital watches are clunky, hideous or they scream "I shop at Walmart!!!". Nothing against the last by the way, you can probably find some of these there :P. Classic Casio and Timex watches are unisex, which means they are smaller and they come in all sorts of colors. Yasssss!

Colorful Casios

These Casios are currently only available in the UK. I have the mustard and turquoise. Totally wish that these were carried in the US because they rock, and I don't like to pay shipping. At least they are unique!

Neff Watches

I haven't tried this brand but these are totally rocking. They remind me of M!

Timex Collection

Timex's indiglo function is boss. I wish they carried more pastels though.


This lot is perfect if you are looking for something a bit more presentable. I am waiting for the last to come in the mail. It's reviews aren't the best but I love the color combo. It seems that some people find the white numbers to be hard to read in bright light. Hoping this is not a deal for me.

I really wish there was a classier line of digital watches. I'd totally drop $200 for an elegant, waterproof, indestructible, adorable digital watch. Until then these are totally great. Since they aren't too expensive I have a few different types to go with my mood. I've been feeling turquoise lately apparently.

Happy summer!

<3 KM

Friday, June 24, 2016

Finished Pepper Pots + Free Stencils

My pepper plants' new homes are done! I think they look like cool hot sauce bottles. The only one without a pepper is the atomic bomb. I just couldn't sully the name-sake of my design. 

"The Atomic Age"

The Pink Flamingo is for the rise of the middle-class suburbs because I think that a contributing factor in suburban growth was the fear of bombs targeting major cities.

The Ray Gun is a toy popularized by sci-fi TV shows in the 50's, obviously influenced by rockets that were made to deploy atomic weapons.

The Gas Mask were stocked in bomb shelters, so if the unthinkable happened people wouldn't breath in radioactive particles.

The Angler Fish is because deep sea exploration was reaching it's peak during the time, and because deep sea creatures might be some of the only things to survive the nuclear apocalypse. 

The Mushroom Cloud is self explanatory. 

The DNA is for the damage and cancers that radiation from detonations has caused around the world.

The UFO is for the first sightings that coincided with the development of nuclear missiles and new airplanes.

The Bomb Girl was painted on planes and bombs in WWII.

Sputnik was launched using rocket technology originally meant to carry the bomb into enemy territory. 

The Atomic Symbol is the symbol of the age.

I still need to spray these suckers with some sealant. I hope they don't get damaged before then.

If you want to see how I made these pots:

8 Free Stencils Below!
I just used an oval for the atom symbol and did the pepper DNA freehand. The UFO is a little different than the one on the planter.

(the last two are a little tricky, but I'm sure you can figure them out)
Have Fun!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Philosophy Poem #1

Philosophy has always been a big part of my life. I share my strange thoughts with friends and family but today I figure I'll save them and share here instead. Lucky you :P! Here is today's little revelation:


The decisions that we make
What to give
What to take

What to keep 
What to free

What to do 
Redo, undo
What to leave undone 

Makes us all
It's who we are



<3 KM

Friday, June 17, 2016

Painting Pepper Planters

I painted trippy new pots for my hot pepper plants! Don't worry - the strange black-hole look is not the final product. That's where The Atomic Age stencils go.

I got the 5 gallon, black pots from Amazon. I also got 1 inch painters tape. I sanded the pots a little and started taping. The ovals are just packing labels, which I do not recommend because the spray paint aerosol made them peel a little during painting.

On the striped pots I used other pieces of tape in-between the pieces that stayed to keep it all even. I peeled the measuring pieces off, of course. The checkered pots were taped all over then then cut with a box cutter parallel to the tape lines. The little squares took forever to peel off.

I used spray paint that is made for plastic. It took the whole can to paint 5 pots. I peeled off the painters tape about an hour after painting. It turned out super well!

I didn't really remember to take pictures of the painting process of the designs. I was concentrating too hard. I made stencils for the main designs and painted the peppers free-hand. It took a few coats of acrylic paint, which I mixed to match my designs. 

The doggie helped, too.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ridiculous Snacks I Want To Try

I am a sucker for adorable, colorful packaging and sugary stuff so I have a hard time resisting the snack aisle. Most of the time I remind myself that candy isn't food and I try to pick healthier treats so I don't feel so awful about my food choices but these are so tempting! I get really bummed out if they don't taste good though. Sugar is only worth it if it's amazing. 
These are probably the strange chewy type of fruit snack. I like the ones that taste more like a gummy bear than fruit roll ups. That box though, so cute!
I love birthday cake ice cream, and birthday cake in general, but I am super skeptical about these. 50/50 chance they taste like sugary cardboard. May be worth it for the sprinkles. Possible cupcake substitute for a school birthday treat?
I just can't bring myself to pay for these but I am so curious. I did try the confetti cupcake and I was so sad because it does not satisfy a funfetti craving. 
This stuff looks dangerous. Was this around back in the day? If so I totally missed it. I wonder if it tastes like Waffle Crisp. Nom.
I'm sure the marshmallows are good but the cereal is probably awful lol.
Same here, but it is so cute! Mornings are not my favorite so happy looking cereal is a plus.

Happy snacking!

<3 KM

Friday, June 10, 2016

Pepper Pot Design

I decided my peppers needed new homes. Their old pots were starting to discolor and crack. I wanted the new pots to be something special, so I started designing. 

I have always liked the stark contrast of black and white geometric shapes, so I tested some out on some digital trapezoids. I also tested out a color scheme, but I lost the original file where I tested all the colors next to each other. 

I thought just the stripes and checkers would be a bit boring. After much thought and research I settled on "The Atomic Age" as my theme, because I love the bomb, of course. I ended up only using half of the ideas.

As you can see, I toyed with making the frames for the drawings fancy, but decided on plain black frames. 

Next Up:

Friday, June 3, 2016

Frozen Scrap Stock

I collected a bunch of veggie scraps in the freezer and made a stock out of them yesterday. It was really easy, except for my burned hand. I grabbed the searingly hot handle of an empty pot not once, but twice. I'm crazy that way.  I put my hand in water and that seemed to help. When I woke up this morning it was weirdly purple like a bruise, but it looks and feels fine now. 

Anyway, I mostly kept the ends and peels of carrots, onions, leeks, and celery. I added some sage, rosemary, and thyme for a bit of extra flavor.

I melted two gallon bags of frozen vegetables and then added a dozen cups of water. I boiled it all for about an hour, stirring occasionally. I strained out the veg and tried to reduce the liquid in my wok, but I don't think it actually reduced much before I burned my hand and gave up with that.

I tried to do a second batch with the wilted veggies but I learned that the stock should not boil for more than an hour or it will get bitter. 

I put the broth in ice cube trays and back into the freezer. Simple, easy, and a little dangerous. You should try it. Kitchen waste is basically free, so free broth for all!