Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Classic Digital Watches ft. Casio, Timex and Neff

I can't stand analogue watches. I can read them, promise! I just think that it takes way more time to figure out the actual time than it does to just look at a digital watch. I'm actually good with numbers but I am directionally challenged, and a touch dyslexic, so clocks just aren't my strong suit.

Also analogue watches are often not as waterproof or sturdy. I am not the type to diligently take off my watch off before I jump in the water, go for a hike or do the dishes. Delicate things are not going to survive on my wrist.

The problem with this is that analog watches are so much prettier than digital watches. Most digital watches are clunky, hideous or they scream "I shop at Walmart!!!". Nothing against the last by the way, you can probably find some of these there :P. Classic Casio and Timex watches are unisex, which means they are smaller and they come in all sorts of colors. Yasssss!

Colorful Casios

These Casios are currently only available in the UK. I have the mustard and turquoise. Totally wish that these were carried in the US because they rock, and I don't like to pay shipping. At least they are unique!

Neff Watches

I haven't tried this brand but these are totally rocking. They remind me of M!

Timex Collection

Timex's indiglo function is boss. I wish they carried more pastels though.


This lot is perfect if you are looking for something a bit more presentable. I am waiting for the last to come in the mail. It's reviews aren't the best but I love the color combo. It seems that some people find the white numbers to be hard to read in bright light. Hoping this is not a deal for me.

I really wish there was a classier line of digital watches. I'd totally drop $200 for an elegant, waterproof, indestructible, adorable digital watch. Until then these are totally great. Since they aren't too expensive I have a few different types to go with my mood. I've been feeling turquoise lately apparently.

Happy summer!

<3 KM


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