Friday, June 24, 2016

Finished Pepper Pots + Free Stencils

My pepper plants' new homes are done! I think they look like cool hot sauce bottles. The only one without a pepper is the atomic bomb. I just couldn't sully the name-sake of my design. 

"The Atomic Age"

The Pink Flamingo is for the rise of the middle-class suburbs because I think that a contributing factor in suburban growth was the fear of bombs targeting major cities.

The Ray Gun is a toy popularized by sci-fi TV shows in the 50's, obviously influenced by rockets that were made to deploy atomic weapons.

The Gas Mask were stocked in bomb shelters, so if the unthinkable happened people wouldn't breath in radioactive particles.

The Angler Fish is because deep sea exploration was reaching it's peak during the time, and because deep sea creatures might be some of the only things to survive the nuclear apocalypse. 

The Mushroom Cloud is self explanatory. 

The DNA is for the damage and cancers that radiation from detonations has caused around the world.

The UFO is for the first sightings that coincided with the development of nuclear missiles and new airplanes.

The Bomb Girl was painted on planes and bombs in WWII.

Sputnik was launched using rocket technology originally meant to carry the bomb into enemy territory. 

The Atomic Symbol is the symbol of the age.

I still need to spray these suckers with some sealant. I hope they don't get damaged before then.

If you want to see how I made these pots:

8 Free Stencils Below!
I just used an oval for the atom symbol and did the pepper DNA freehand. The UFO is a little different than the one on the planter.

(the last two are a little tricky, but I'm sure you can figure them out)
Have Fun!


  1. These are ridiculously clever! Love the angler fish, DNA peppers and the girl riding on a pepper. Way cool.

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