Friday, June 17, 2016

Painting Pepper Planters

I painted trippy new pots for my hot pepper plants! Don't worry - the strange black-hole look is not the final product. That's where The Atomic Age stencils go.

I got the 5 gallon, black pots from Amazon. I also got 1 inch painters tape. I sanded the pots a little and started taping. The ovals are just packing labels, which I do not recommend because the spray paint aerosol made them peel a little during painting.

On the striped pots I used other pieces of tape in-between the pieces that stayed to keep it all even. I peeled the measuring pieces off, of course. The checkered pots were taped all over then then cut with a box cutter parallel to the tape lines. The little squares took forever to peel off.

I used spray paint that is made for plastic. It took the whole can to paint 5 pots. I peeled off the painters tape about an hour after painting. It turned out super well!

I didn't really remember to take pictures of the painting process of the designs. I was concentrating too hard. I made stencils for the main designs and painted the peppers free-hand. It took a few coats of acrylic paint, which I mixed to match my designs. 

The doggie helped, too.

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