Friday, July 31, 2015


 Poppies are one of my favorite flowers. They are the only flower I planted in my garden this year. I associate them with the storms of early summer. Their blooms only last for a few hours in the wind, giving them an ephemeral elegance. As pretty as the flowers are, I think the plants themselves are just as pretty, with their veiny leaves and hair stems.

I have been searching for a poppy dress for a while now, and I am pretty dissatisfied with the offerings out there. I found this pretty dress on Harper's Bizarre, but at about four thousand dollars, it is a bit steep. I especially like the eyeball in the center of one of the flowers. And the clock - it looks like a time-travel dress for sure.
This dress is more in my price range, and I like that the flowers show some detail. And as you probably know, I like blue flowers. I am unhappy about the trippy spots, though. Why do they have to be navy instead of black? Eh, it's a little too rockabilly for me anyway... 

I am always hoping to find a dress with the poppy plant at the forefront, but all that seems to exist are the flowers. 

There is this expensive dress that showcases the inner part of the poppy flower instead of the the water-color leaves that most fabrics seem to portray. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Celine Trio Splurge Vs. Steal

Long ago I blogged about Triple Zip Handbags, now I am all about triple compartment bags. What is the difference? Triple compartment bags are actually 3 separate little bags that are connected by snaps or stitches while the triple zip handbags I featured earlier are all one big bag with 3 separate top zippers.

Lately I have been favoring lighter bags but I still like to carry around all of my essentials. I have found that triple compartment handbags make it easy for me to separate and access all of my things. They are just awesome!

The most haute triple compartment bag that I know of is the Celine trio bag.  With a price tag of over $1000 it is a splurge for me. The Celine Trio comes in two sizes, regular and large. I love the size of the large. Each compartment is big enough to hold an iPad mini, not too big and not too small.

Splurge: Celine Trios

I love the jacquard print Trio the best, so fresh! Practically I would probably go with a different color like the shiny black. The midnight blue bag is made of goatskin and most other bags are made of lamb leather. Super fancy.

Mid Range Copy Cats

These mid range bags are close to the Celine Trio, however most are not quite as big as the large Trio. I really hope that Liebeskind brings back the Celia (raspberry colored above). It seems like they are very similar to the functionality of the standard sized Trio. I would snatch one up in a heartbeat!

I currently own the sky blue Elliott Lucca Sacha. I like it a lot but I wish that each compartment was just a smidge bigger. It fits everything that I need easily and it is easy to access but I prefer the size of the large Trio.

Triple Compartment Steals

The faux leather bags pictured above are very affordable and just as functional as their leather look-a-likes. If you are vegan or if you like to switch handbags often they may be a great option for you! I prefer leather handbags because I like the durability and feel but you could buy 5 - 10 of these for the price of one of the mid ranged bags. I think that the strawberry bag is so kawaii.

Hope that you day started off on a wonderful page!

 & ♡ KM

Friday, July 24, 2015

Unique DIY Glasses

Donut Glasses
 I have been wearing glasses almost everyday lately because I can't be bothered to go to the eye doctor to get more contacts. And honestly - I am starting to get a little bored with "normal" glasses. So, I decided to look up what people were doing to make their glasses more interesting. 

These donut glasses were the most off-the-wall awesome I found. I mean, who even thinks of donut glasses? Food inspired wearables are the best! It also opens the possibility of painting your glasses any way way you want with nail polish. If you like donut inspired clothing, check out more at Studio DIY - she has lots of donut crafts.

This project seems pretty simple. I think you could do it with any little do-dad like button things. Imagine if you got a bunch of little lobster buttons! Okay, that might be a little weird. 

I think these would be neat with some little daisies instead of roses. Then you could co-ordinate with the daisy stuff in KM's Post.

There's nothing more bad-ass than spikes on your glasses - just don't poke you eye out. It's just as simple as gluing on some spikey things. I found these other super awesome cat-eye ones here, but they said not so steal their image. So, I guess I'll still give them some free advertising without their purdy picture.

I so want a pair of octopus glasses. I think I am actually going to try and fix a pair of broken glasses with this method. I think the clay might provide the extra something to keep the seam from breaking open every time I try to glue it.

Do you know of any creative ideas to make glasses more fun?

Monday, July 20, 2015

I'll Be Happy Just For You - New Song on Soundcloud

This ones for my babies :).

I'll be happy just for you
I'll be happy just for you
Even when I'm feeling blue
I'll be happy just for you

Baby darling
Don't you cry
You're the apple of my eye
The sun will rise 
The stars may fall
But I will be there through it all

Time, time spins faster
Time, times get harder
There may be times
When we may drift apart
But know my darling know
You'll always be in my heart

I will smile just for you
I will smile just for you
Even when I'm feeling blue
I will smile just for you

Time, time get tougher
Time, times spin faster
There may be times
When we may drift apart
But know my darling know
You'll always be in my heart

I'll be happy just for you
I'll be happy just for you
Even when I'm feeling blue
I'll be happy just for you

 & ♡ KM

Friday, July 17, 2015

Cupro Pants

Cupro Pants

It is a hot one out there today. The heat index is 111F (45C). It hit me like brick to the face when I walked out my door. On days like this I fantisize that I have clothing made out of cupro. 

What is cupro? It is a type of rayon made with copper. It is the lightest, coolest fabric I have ever worn - even more than silk. And better than silk, it can be washed and dried easily. The only problem is that clothing made of this fabric is super expensive. I tried to source some cupro for sewing projects and all I can find is the super satiny stuff used for jacket linings. It's too bad, because I really wanted to make a pair of pants like the ones pictured above. Anyone know of a source for the soft, matte version?

Pete and Greta Cargo Pants
This is the pair of pants I tried on that showed me the wonderful world of cupro, but they are $200. If you can afford them, they are nice pants. I have read that cupro is really slippery and hard to work with, so I don't think I'll ever make a pair of cargo pants, even if I can find the fabric for sale.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lux de Ville Lusts

Blndsundoll4mj aka Trish Paytas is one of my favorite Youtubers. Recently she had a purse haul with Lux De Ville purses here. They are so cute! I have never heard of this brand before and now they are at the top of my buy list. So much glitter! If only they had a pastel colored rainbow style....

Lux de Ville purses are made of glitter vinyl, giving them that retro diner feel. Portland is pretty rainy during the fall/winter so I also like the fact that these bags are water resistant. The vinyl exterior is easy to care for since you can simply wipe clean if anything gets onto them. This is a big selling point for moms and messy artists :P. 

Luxe de Ville Lusts

The mint polka dot purse in the center of this set is my favorite of the whole lot. I love the size, color, contrast and the dice. Gamer bling! It'd be dope if one of them was a d20.

Cutie Patootie

The center purse is another Cosmic tote. The button polka dots on the tote are so cute in every color. The purple one is adorable too. So hard to figure out which one I actually want, the red and black ladybug look is so cute. Mint is a staple for me so I'll probably go with the mint one first but the purple one is gorgeous as well. So hard to choose! 

I love all of the other bags in this set too. The anchor and star details are so flirty. There is just something about anchors that immediately ignite my wanderlust. We visited Nye and Agate beach last weekend, and I already want to go back! I will blog about it soon but in the mean time here is my post about Rockaway beach for any of you curious about the Oregon coast. 

Wicked Awesome Luxe de Ville bags

Some of the Lux de Ville purses are totally fierce like these ones. I think the neon flames are so sassy. Unlock your inner biker diva/witch! 

 & ♡ KM

Friday, July 10, 2015

Creepy Kitchen

The Dark Side has Cookies!
Ever worry that someone is out to get your cookies? Well now you don't have to worry. There are three levels of security on this cookie jar. The first is a label warning that contents are toxic, next is a flashing light, and if none of that works it has an alarm. If you want the next level of security, find a locking jar.

Baba Yaga has a pair of these

Need something to impress your guests at your next dinner party? Try these salad forks. 

Must eeeeat Braaaaains!

This is the best brain mold I could find. All the rest are just a bunch of squiggly worms divided into two halves. This one actually has a cerebellum!  

And if you want to see an awesome darkly decorated kitchen check out Black Metal Vegan Chef on YouTube.

ps. We are amazon affiliates. If you buy anything, we get a small cut. Thanks!

Monday, July 6, 2015

My First Mini M.A.C.!!! - Rebecca Minkoff Rave

Rebecca Minkoff bags are a classic essential for leather lovers. With sleek styles, high quality materials and a wide variety of colors I am in love with these lightweight bags. 


The mini M.A.C. is just the right size to hold all of my essentials. It can carry my phone, wallet, keys, makeup and even a few makeup pallets. I could even add a mini hairbrush, toothbrush and mini deodorant if I needed to. The purse is known as the "one nighter" since it can carry pretty much everything you'd need to crash at your friends house, minus extra clothes. But you can totally borrow those anyways!  


A mini M.A.C. will set you back $195 if you pay full price, but there are often certain colors or styles on sale. The holographic pearl color that I bought is on sale for $130 right now. I used the 15% off sign up code offered on so I ended up paying only $110. Such a deal! I am already saving up for another color, Plum Smoke.

In most lights it looks more white than pink, but it often looks pink in my photos! 

  • Perfect size, not over powering but not too small.
  • The top and side pouches are both zippered.
    • This is a big plus for me.
      • I know that my keys aren't going anywhere without me! 
  • The logo is nice and small.
    • I am not a fan of big logos.
      • Even LV. 
  • Lightweight.
  • Nice thick chain.
  • The buckle detail on the front is a nice looking detail.
    • I also like the circle studs on the strap
  • The fun holo Pearl color reminds me of unicorns, fairies and the 90's. 
    • I totally dig it. 
  • Colors have a limited run which makes each purse a little more special. 
    • On the other hand if you see a color that you really like, it can sell out quickly. 
  • Durable, long lasting materials. 
  • It comes with extra fringe strips so that you can replace them if the suede side gets dirty.
    • You could also double them up if you'd like. 


  • I have a feeling that the pearl leather is not the most durable option due to the foil like finish. 
    • Thinking of getting a second one so I can rotate use so that it lasts longer. 
  • I wish the zippered compartments opened wider so that it is easier to retrieve items.
    • It does become less stiff and easier to access as the leather softens with use. 
  • The front buckle is mildly annoying to undo each time you need to access the front pouch
    • At least the items in the pouch are very secure!

The mini M.A.C. is my favorite purse at the moment. I am totally tempted to collect them all :). 

Any suggestions for awesome leather bags around this size? I am always looking for my holy grail purse and wallet combo. The mini M.A.C. is stellar but it would be nice if it opened a bit wider so I wouldn't have to dig so much. I might try a mini 5 zip next time since the zippers look easier to use, but I think the M.A.C. is cuter. 

If you are interested in this mini M.A.C. you can find it here

 & ♡ KM

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fake Cake

Don't want to succumb to all the sugar of America's birthday weekend? Try cutting up a watermelon like a cake and surrounding it with strawberries.

I think watermelon is the perfect summer dessert. It cools me off and isn't too heavy when the humidity is high. 

Serve with some salt, and maybe some whipped cream, if you're feeling decadent.