Friday, July 17, 2015

Cupro Pants

Cupro Pants

It is a hot one out there today. The heat index is 111F (45C). It hit me like brick to the face when I walked out my door. On days like this I fantisize that I have clothing made out of cupro. 

What is cupro? It is a type of rayon made with copper. It is the lightest, coolest fabric I have ever worn - even more than silk. And better than silk, it can be washed and dried easily. The only problem is that clothing made of this fabric is super expensive. I tried to source some cupro for sewing projects and all I can find is the super satiny stuff used for jacket linings. It's too bad, because I really wanted to make a pair of pants like the ones pictured above. Anyone know of a source for the soft, matte version?

Pete and Greta Cargo Pants
This is the pair of pants I tried on that showed me the wonderful world of cupro, but they are $200. If you can afford them, they are nice pants. I have read that cupro is really slippery and hard to work with, so I don't think I'll ever make a pair of cargo pants, even if I can find the fabric for sale.

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