Tuesday, March 29, 2016

When we saw Diplo and his Dad play in Vegas

We spent this spring break in Vegas to snag some sunshine and see all the sights. With all of the shows there it was hard to choose one but Diplo was only $25 a ticket so we decided to give it a go. We had just missed the whole Major Lazer crew the week before but Diplo did not disappoint!

Diplo's Dad warming up the crowd
Diplo has a Mad Decent Monday Show once or twice a month in Vegas. Apparently the show has been going on for 7 years already! Unlike normal EDM concerts this one requires nicer apparel since it is in a pretty fancy night club called XS which is attached to the Wynn. LBDs and tuxes gallore.

I really believe that these are real flowers. It's surreal! 
The Wynn is just gorgeous and filled with all types of beautiful flower displays.

So tempted to cosplay and take pics here. Maybe Dorothy or Alice?
The concert was epic. I didn't get any pics of Diplo since we were in the crowd. I was afraid to take my phone out for fear of it falling on the floor and getting stomped on. I totally dropped it while snapping a few pics while Diplo's Dad was playing but thankfully it survived.

Diplo's Dad played for hours before Diplo arrived but he's a great DJ. Some crowd friends told us who he was. When Diplo got on stage he played all of his collab hits including Where Are You Now and Lean On. I was content after those two but there were lots of awesome remixes too! The steam, glitter and lazers were just the best. Awesome show.

Diplo called Alesso to the stage at the end. Some of Alesso's songs have hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify, especially Heroes (We Could Be).  He seems to play a lot at the XS lounge too, I bet it's epic.

Jumping and down to the beat with the glow noodles was really fun and great exercise actually. Totally earned our buffet at the Bellagio the next day, which was amazing although I was exhausted. Hope that you all had a wonderful Spring Break! 

<3 KM

Friday, March 25, 2016

Holographic Rainbow

The spring rains are on their way and it's time to start inspecting your old rain-coat for holes. I came across this magical, glam mac while thinking of getting a new jacket. Just look at those iridescent spirals! It was already sold, so I had to keep looking for a coat of magic.

I also found this one on an inspiration site.  I have no idea how to make a raincoat without leaky seams, let alone where to find fabric that looks like dragon wings. 

This is the only thing close that I could find for sale. I don't think it is quite as fantastical as the other two. I will have to keep looking. 
Do you know of any awesome holographic clothes?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Mild Phobias

Most people have some sort of weird fear. Here are mine. None of these are debilitating. I can face them if I need to, but I'd so rather not.

Screechy Things
  • Styrofoam & Tinfoil
    • I can feel it scratching my soul and my teeth. 
    • Also absolutely awful for the environment. 
Horror Films
  • I usually close my eyes the entire time.
  • Ventriloquist dolls are the worst.
    • I can thank Goosebumps for this one. 
    • Too many realistic looking dolls or plushies in one room make me really uncomfortable.
      • I feel like I need to acknowledge them all or they will haunt me.
      • I love Doctor Who but I can't deal with ET.
      • The part when he dies and comes back to life really gets me. 
        • Hate his pig squeal. 
      • He's watching me right now, isn't he? 
        • Hiding in my sons' toys of course. 
      Just let me do this myself.
      Other people painting my nails
      • I freak out inside if a friend wants to paint my nails.
        • Please don't insist! 
        • Don't need nail polish anyways
          • Chips on my guitar. 
        • Had fake nails once.
          • One broke the very next day. 
        • Doesn't matter if I know you or not.
        • Touch the veiny part of my wrist and I may involuntarily whack you. 
        Closing my eyes underwater at night. 
        • I feel like someone is going to sneak up on me. 
          • Doesn't matter if I'm alone or not. 
        • Their gnarly teeth and red butts are so vicious. 
          • I respect them but would never want to get close to one. 
        Not sure why I felt compelled to write this post but it felt like a good idea haha. #TheRandomLife

        <3 KM

        Friday, March 18, 2016

        Conspiracy Songs

        This song is my all time favorite conspiracy song. It is perfect for those paranoid times when you think everyone is watching you. It is a stoner rock song by Chrome Locus. I have always been disappointed that this band only put out one CD. If you have ever been interested in the Illuminati or The Golden Dawn you must listen to this song. 

        S.P.O.C.K. is a band that has loads of songs about aliens, spaceships, and general nerdy space stuff. This song is about alien implants and abduction. It is one of my favorite songs on that subject. I think it is particularly of interest because I may get to dive down Extraterrestrial Highway soon! 

        This song starts like it's going to be another alien implant song, but then goes sideways saying the government is trying to kill us all with drugs and food. Noble Gas is a strange little band with a lot of strange songs. I couldn't find Hissler Snakes on YouTube, but you can listen to it and a lot more of their crazy stuff here.

        Tuesday, March 15, 2016

        The Most Iconic Shoes of All Time by Walsh Brothers Shoes

        Some shoes just make the whole outfit memorable. This infographic by Walsh Brothers Shoes features famous footwear for every look. 


        When I was younger I got to see a pair of Dorothy's slippers at the Smithsonian Museum in DC. I think there are three original pairs on display around the US but apparently one pair was stolen from a Minnesota museum in 2005. It was seriously one of the highlights of my trip, I will never forget it! I was standing there staring at them for so long that someone needed to pull me away haha. So glad that they are featured in this infographic. 

        If I had to add a signature shoe of my own it would totally be fringe moccasin boots. I wear my Minnetonkas as often as I can! I even wore a tall black pair to my senior prom. They are so easy to dance in. Pretty sure that they wouldn't be nightclub approved but I'm totally wearing them to my next rock concert. 

        <3 KM

        Friday, March 11, 2016

        Hair Problems

        My hair is always tangled and has a lot of fly-aways.  I used to keep it shoulder-length and shorter because of that. And for some strange reason bleach made my hair less fly-way. Now I am working on growing out my natural color and I want it long. I want some smexy braids. I want to be able to spin around and hit people in the face with them. Maybe even use little swords as hair-toys to keep up buns.
        Angeletti  on Long Hair Forums

        That means I must do something about the tangles and frizz. There is no way I am blowing and spraying my hair all the time. I do not like mornings and anything I don't have to do is the better option. I've figured out some things that work for me and they might work for you, too.

        Here are my tips:

        Satin Sleep Pillow
           This lets the hair slip and slide better 
           when you sleep. I no longer get those horrible,
           painful rats-nests that I used to.

        Coconut Oil
           I think my hair is dry. I don't use a harsh 
           shampoo, but it's still dry. The oil works 
           like a detangler and adds an awesome shine. 
           And if you get the eatable grade, you can 
           cook with it, too. Double duty! 

           It's a silicone that is in most of those 
           de-frizzing serums that are made for 
           curly-haired people. If my hair gets bad, 
           it gets all these tiny little knots in the 
           bottom and this stuff stops that. It keeps 
           down frizz like a magician. And it makes 
           your hair feel like silk.

        Baking Soda
           After a while, especially living in the city, 
           all kinds of stuff builds up in my hair that 
           won't come out with a gentle shampoo. That's 
           when my hair starts sticking to stuff like 
           velcro. A scrub with this stuff every couple 
           of months keeps my hair squeaky clean. It does 
           get frizzy for a bit after, though.

        And try to keep it up in the wind (yeah, right)

        My attempt at trying to be as cool as Angeletti

        Thanks to the women (and men) of the long hair community forums for most of these tips. If you're having problems with your long hair, I suggest you go there. They know their stuff.

        Wednesday, March 9, 2016

        Play the Theremin Today on Google! For Clara

        Today would have been Clara Rockmore's 105th birthday and there is no better way to celebrate than by playing the theremin. Can't get your hands on a real one? No worries, Google has you covered.

        This is the first time I have ever heard of this awesome instrument. I totally want to try it IRL. I am sure that its pretty challenging to hit the right notes due to the fact that there are no defined areas to hit but I love the concept of freely moving music.

        Cool Facts from the Telegraph:

        • Clara was friends with the inventor of the theremin, Lev Termen aka Leon Theremin.
        • The theremin was the first electronic instrument. 
        • Clara was a child prodigy, originally known for her violin skills. 
        • The theremin produced the electronic sounds in Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys! 

        Clara and Leon: two cool cats with mad skills.

        Apparently Leon proposed to Clara multiple times but she ended up choosing attorney Robert Rockmore instead. Leon was an amazing inventor. Albert Einstein and Joseph Schillinger are among his mentors (Wikipedia).

        Hope that you all are having a wonderful week!

        <3 KM

        Friday, March 4, 2016

        Gose Beer

        Before a few weeks ago I had never heard of this style of beer. Then it started popping up everywhere. I have already tried three! If this is a new beer trend, I am totally digging it. 
        Gose is a sour beer that was first made in Germany in the 1600's. It uses lactobacillus in fermentation, just like yogurt and kimchee! Sour over bitter any day.

        Sierra Nevada's Otra Vez was the first gose beer I tried. It's like a tart lemonade with a little cactus flavor added in. It seems like it would perfect to drink on a hot summer day. I liked it so much that I knew I had to try more beer in this style.

        I tried this Chicago brewery's version next. It was least favorite so far, but still tasty. It is very mild and a little sweet, but still has that lemony flavor. There was a hint of moldiness to it, which I really don't like in a beer, so that is why I was not totally into this one. 
        I have a bad habit of tearing the labels off the beer, but I thought it was interesting to note that this label is silver on the inside. I'm guessing that it is for insulation, which is pretty cool.  

        Anderson Valley's Blood Orange Gose was my absolute favorite. It might even be my new favorite beer. It tastes like the outer coating of a sour Warhead candy. It wouldn't be very good to drink with a meal, but on its own it absolutely delicious. I really hope this beer will stick around and not disappear like some of my other favorites.

        Tuesday, March 1, 2016

        Grouplove and Ballparkmusic

        Next Life Already by Ballpark Music was totally my anthem last week. It's been playing here in the Portland area for awhile now on 94.7 KNRK and it is the first song I've heard by the band. At first it totally bothered me because it reminds me of a Grouplove song, and I can't figure out which one. Now I'm all about it.

        Both Grouplove and Ballpark Music are totally versatile and creative. I think the combo of male and female vocals, similar vocal tones and maybe similar chords makes me automatically put them in the same category. Both are totally my style.

        So inspired by how awesome this song sounds with nothing but an acoustic guitar and two voices. Goals!

        Grouplove has been a favorite artist of hubby and I for a few years now. He thinks that Shark Attack is the song that reminds me of Next Life Already but they are both very different. Maybe the songs sound different in my memory than they do when I listen to them. They both envoke that whole, "What is going on with my life?" feeling.

        Trippin' The Light Fantastic is another of my favorites by Ballpark Music because it is so fun. This video is kind of like Napoleon Dynamite but even dorkier, like real life dork status. Way dorkier than the movies. Sweet!

        I haven't seen Paper Towns but the fact that they featured a Grouplove song makes me curious although I normally wouldn't be. Love this line from No Drama Queen "My heart, it's all crazy. I think its time to runaway.

        Surrender is a mellow Ballpark Music song. So comforting.

        Colors by Grouplove. It's just so good. One of my favorite songs. Totally reminiscent of the Pixies, those legendary beasts. If only Kim Deal comes back...

        Hope that you are all having a beautiful week. Leap Day totally threw me off somehow, I still haven't changed the date on my watch so I'm a day ahead. The primaries have been distracting too. What a nutty election!

        <3 KM