Friday, March 18, 2016

Conspiracy Songs

This song is my all time favorite conspiracy song. It is perfect for those paranoid times when you think everyone is watching you. It is a stoner rock song by Chrome Locus. I have always been disappointed that this band only put out one CD. If you have ever been interested in the Illuminati or The Golden Dawn you must listen to this song. 

S.P.O.C.K. is a band that has loads of songs about aliens, spaceships, and general nerdy space stuff. This song is about alien implants and abduction. It is one of my favorite songs on that subject. I think it is particularly of interest because I may get to dive down Extraterrestrial Highway soon! 

This song starts like it's going to be another alien implant song, but then goes sideways saying the government is trying to kill us all with drugs and food. Noble Gas is a strange little band with a lot of strange songs. I couldn't find Hissler Snakes on YouTube, but you can listen to it and a lot more of their crazy stuff here.

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