Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Wet Brush review

Although I hardly believe what I see in infomercials they always seem to tempt me. Even if they are advertising things that I would never, ever need or use. So when I see one that could actually be useful to me I am doubly tempted.

Things get even more ridiculous when my son watches them and then continues to tell me why we need one. Thankfully the shipping is usually so pricey that I can't justify the purchase. However, when I watched one about the magical detangling brush I knew that I had to either try it out or find an alternative.

My hair is insanely tangle-y. It is so bad that I can go to sleep with perfectly straight hair and wake up with a rats nest at the nape of my neck. I have no idea how it gets so full of knots at night time but it always seems to happen if I forget to braid my hair or roll it into buns.

Sometimes I just rock it like Ke$ha and call it a day. Other times I really, really need to brush my hair. I started looking on Amazon for the detangling brush I saw in the infomercial and then I found "The Wet Brush." It's reviews were great and it was only $9 with free shipping so I had to try it. There is also a paddle version here which I haven't tried yet.

When it came in my hair was dry but I tried it anyways and it worked! It is much more gentle on my hair than other brushes although I still need to brush my hair carefully. I definitely need to concentrate on the tangle-y areas and brush slowly and gently but it is still relatively quick.

The Wet Brush doesn't magically pass through my tangled hair but it is much better than other brushes I have tried. For me, it is still necessary to use some kind of hair treatment to make my locks easier to deal with. Oftentimes when I have a beauty problem I need to use a combination of things to solve it anyways so that's not a big deal to me.

This brush also works on wet hair which I love. I try not to brush my hair when it is wet. MR told me that it is more damaging to brush when your hair is wet and I found that this is very true for me. I lose much less hair when I brush it dry but sometimes I need to rush out the door right after I take a shower. This brush allows me to do that if I need to.

You might be wondering "how does the brush work anyways?" It's quite simple actually. The bristles in the brush are thin and flexible, but still stiff enough to comb hair. As you brush your hair the bristles bend and twist with your tangles to gently release them.

Overall Rating: 9/10 A

Although The Wet Brush isn't magic is definitely works for me and it isn't too pricey. I was actually surprised by how well this works on my hair and I plan on buying another for travel.

What is your favorite way to de-tangle hair?

<3 KM

Friday, July 26, 2013

White Meat for Zombies

I don't normally wear white. You know why? Because I'm clumsy, messy, and I like to sit on the ground.  But sometimes awesome clothes come in white, so I have to be flexible. 

I love this shirt. It's called Hardgore Singer and I got it at Shifted Image

I've had these shorts since 8th grade. They still fit because I had to draw the drawstring real tight on them back then. They have 6 pockets! Pretty impressive for shorts.  That's why I love them and continue to bleach them instead of just giving up on the white. They're from Hydraulic, but I don't think they make 'um like this anymore. 

White sunglasses, too! They're just drug-store glasses. I can't have anything better then that because I tend to break glasses. I'm not a very careful person, am I? Maybe it's just because I'm clumsy ol' zombie. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Boohoo review + haul

Do you Boohoo?

Until a month ago I had never heard of the online clothing store Boohoo. At first I thought that I must have heard the name wrong but sure enough it is just www.boohoo.com. I learned about the brand from a Youtube video and I am so happy that I gave it a chance!

Boohoo contains fashion forward items at very reasonable prices. They have lots of rompers and jumpsuits which I love. They also have a nice selection of leggings which are staples of mine since I am all about being comfortable yet fashionable.

One big plus about Boohoo is that they have free shipping over $25 for any US address. This is especially awesome for me because I live in Hawai'i and lots of the time HI is excluded from free shipping deals. I received my order in less than a week with the free shipping method. They also frequently have coupons and sales which is something that I always look out for since I love shopping but I can't afford to spend much. To get the best deals from this company, and others, I first subscribed to their emails and then ordered when I was notified of a good sale.

Boohoo's clothing is very attune with fashion trends but some reviewers have commented that it is not the best quality. Although I really do appreciate perfectly tailored clothing, at  the moment I am more concerned with affordable price points. I am in between sizes due to the fact that I am still losing weight after having my third baby so I am willing to wear cheaper clothing even if it isn't as well made as more expensive brands.

These shoes are my favorite thing that I ordered. The gems on them are individually sewn with clear thread so they will stay put. I won't be able to wear them too often but they are gorgeous and actually comfy. Sometimes I just wear them at home because they make me happy. And they were only $12!
At $7.20 these were a real steal. I like that they have the elastic in them to slip on instead of zipper. These are also really comfy. I'm ready for whatever rodeos come my way :).  One thing to remember about the shoes on Boohoo is that they have European sizing so you need to be careful to buy the right size but it is really easy to find your size using the chart on the site. Both pairs that I bought run true to size and fit my slightly wide foot just fine.

I also got a maxi skirt and this pink poncho. They are both machine washable which I love since I only buy hand wash items if I can't find any washable alternatives in the style I'm looking for.  I wish the tassels on the poncho were fluffier but it is still adorable on and it was just over $5.The skirt is high waist-ed and zippered and the colors are vibrant. The poncho is my kids' favorite which is too funny since they're all boys!

I also got a pair of these disco leggings in navy - I love the neon pink ones but I am afraid to buy them because I may never wear them. The navy ones remind me of those leggings that football players wear. They are super stretchy. I like wearing them around the house but I haven't worn them out yet. Maybe I could get a dark green pair for football season - go Pack go! 

Have you ever bought from Boohoo?

<3 KM

Friday, July 19, 2013

Feel the Heat: Hot Peppers

We've been having a heat-wave almost all week. Over 90 every day can get a little annoying... at least my pepper plants are loving it.
I love hot peppers. Sometimes I think I don't know how to eat food without them. It all started with Tabasco and jalapenos, but it has progressed since then. The two chilies pictured above are bird chilies and volcano cayenne chilies. They are both wonderful for cooking and drying. Those little balls of bird chili fire kept me going all last winter. They are so small you don't need to grind them up or chop them or anything. 
Last year I only got one Bhut Jolokia pepper. They are a Capsicum Chinense type of pepper, so they take longer to mature. It was sad, but I over-wintered the plant, so hopefully I'll get more this year. There are flowers on the plant now, but no peppers yet. I have my fingers crossed. If you don't know what a Jolokia is (also known as a ghost pepper) it is one of the hottest peppers on earth. It was very tasty in pasta - it has kind of a smokey flavor. 
My favorite pepper is the Peter Pepper. It has the perfect amount of heat for me - and it's a little dirty in appearance. Heehee. I love Fataliis, too, but I have never gotten any seeds that were viable. If you have some, could you send them to me? I got lots of seed to trade.

Growing peppers is super easy. Just get a pot and stick it in a very sunny spot. Water it when it gets a little wilty and maybe give it some plant food every once in a while: High nitrogen for foliage growth and low nitrogen for fruit production. The plants can attract aphids. I just squish them with my fingers because I don't have many plants and I like to baby them. Once the ladybugs come for the summer I don't have to do anything. So if you have a bunch of plants that are having a problem with aphids you should probably get some of those ladybug larva they sell online. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Treat Yo'self

We all have things that we want but we don't really need. Here is our first list of those things. Maybe they would be good ideas for the "person who has everything."

KM's list

  1. Cape Socks by DC Comics - Unnecessary but awesome.
  2. Ka 'Oir Glitzsticks by Keyshia Ka 'Oir - I wonder if the glitter gets in your mouth? 
  3. Flowery Deer headband by dolly darling - I may actually need these.
  4. Lolita nail set by Aya1gou (Etsy) - Too adorable but they wouldn't last long on me. 
  5. Coconut Candle by Diamond Candles - There is a ring hidden in each candle!
  6. Basic brush set by Hakuhudo - I have passable brushes but I want these luxury ones.

MR's List

Hidden Pockets Coat - I love pockets. Secret pockets are even better. This coat is nothing but pockets. Alas, I have more than enough coats as it is. 

Medic Bag - Yes, I want to carry my own oxygen tank around with me. Not the most practical thing, but so what? It has so many pockets... *drool*

Monster Slippers - My feet are always cold, so I might really need something like this... I'll stick to warming my feet under my dog for now, though.

Aquarium Stripper Shoes - I was actually going to make some of these once, but then I realized I had nowhere to wear them and I can't walk in heels.

Heavy and Speed Bag Stand Combo - I need something to punch, damn it, but I have no room for this in my apartment. 

Laser Welder - Coolest. Thing. Ever.

Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette

It all started with a faulty eye shadow case.

I had been eyeing the color "Fishnet" by Urban Decay (an iridescent fuschia) for quite a long time, so I was ecstatic to find UD's entire line of deluxe eyes shadow on sale on their website. I ordered it along with some other colors from the line right away. I was pleased with the formula but soon I found out that the cases are horrible! Within a week the clear bubble on two of the cases was popping off, and the little button thing gets stuck occasionally. Now I understood why this particular line was on sale.

The annoying eye shadow cases  lead to me not using this shadow as much as I'd like to. The fact that these are individual shadows v. part of a palette also lead to them being neglected. I am the kind of person that often does their makeup in a hurry so I usually just grab a palette and get to it, never mind looking for individual shades that might be floating around.

I started searching for blank palettes to try to find a solution to my problem and I learned about the Z Palette and the Unii Palette, magnetic palettes that can house all kinds of products! I immediately wanted one but knew for a fact that no one in my neck of the woods would carry one and I was getting a bit impatient so rather than wait for one to arrive in the mail I decided to save some money and try to make one of my own.

I found that there are actually quite a few tutorials out there for DIY palettes so I watched, and read a bunch and soon found out that I already had everything that I needed!


  • A flat tin of some sort (I used a colored pencil tin)
  • Makeup that you wish to depot to add to your diy palette
  • A flat iron
  • Wax paper 
  • A sharp knife with a thin, strong point or a box cutter razor
  • Rubbing Alcohol or prep pads
  • Qtips 
  • De-sticker of choice (i used veggie oil)
  • Strong Glue (I used E6000)
  • Magnets (I used neodymium magnets - these are really strong. You can also use magnet tape.)
  • Metal primer (optional)
  • Acrylic paint (optional)
  • Paintbrushes (optional)
Warning: Please be careful because this project contains very high heat and sharp objects! Thankfully, I didn't get hurt the entire time and I'm prone to accidental self inflicted injury. Just take your time, don't rush. 

Step 1: Prep the iron

Heat the flat iron and place a thin strip of wax paper on top of the lower plate. Make sure that your flat iron is on a flat surface where it can stand up on its own securely. Turn on the flat iron and let it heat up. 

Step 2: Warm up your makeup

Place the makeup item that you would like to depot on top of the wax paper. Let it sit there for about 30-45 seconds.

 Step 3: De Pot

 Look for the area with the largest gap. It shouldn't take too much effort to pry it out since the heat loosens the glue. If it is still too difficult to pry out, heat it up a bit more.

This method works with all different kinds of makeup, even samples!

If you find a pan that is raised you may have some melting.

A little melting is okay, as long as you have the wax paper in place but please be careful not to heat things for too long because you don't want fumes.

 Step 4: Let pans cool

 Place the de-potted pans on a piece of wax paper so that the pans can cool to the touch. Be careful because the pans may be hot. You can go ahead and depot a bunch while the iron is hot if you'd like.

Step 5: Remove glue

There's lots of different ways to remove glue and the best way for your makeup really depends on what kind of glue the brand uses. Some times peeling the glue off with your fingers works just fine, other times rubbing it with a dry paper towel works better.

Sometimes a residue remover like glue gone or vegetable oil helps.

Step 6: Clean with alchohol

Clean the pan and the magnetic with alcohol. This will help the glue bind and remove any residue or oils.

Step 7: Attach Magnet

Apply a very thin layer of glue on each side and slowly bring each piece together. Press and hold the magnet in place for a few seconds and then release it and let it dry. It is best to let the E6000 dry for at least an hour before handling it and placing it on your palette.

Step 8: Fill tray

Now your tray is ready to be filled! If you'd like to you can decorate your palette now, although if you already like your tin - your done!

Step 9: Prime Lid

Apply metal primer to cover the logo on the lid. If the coverage is streaky after one application, let it dry and then apply another.

Step 10: Paint the design

Paint your lid however you'd like. For mine, I used acrylic paints and lots of glitter. In these pictures, the glitter glue isn't dry yet. After your design is completely dry you can add a coat of water based Varathane on top if you would like it to be glossy or to secure the design.

All done! The thing that I like most about magnetic palettes is that you can customize the contents so easily. My palette now has eye shadows from Urban Decay, Lime Crime and Almay, Urban Decay and Smash box cream liners, blush, highlighter, and even a setting powder. The pans are very secure in here and I even put 2 mirrors in the lid.

Thanks for crafting with me today :).

<3 KM

Friday, July 12, 2013

No Pins or Ties

No, not voodoo or BDSM, just hair. I can put my hair up with nothing but my own hair! I won't be selfish - I will share the knowledge with you. I don't think I truly invented it, but I was playing with my hair one day trying to do a gibson tuck and it stayed by itself. There is a girl on YouTube who does something similar, if you want to check that out, too. 

Pull your hair back into a high or mid-high ponytail.

Wrap your hair around the ponytail to make a bun.

Make a hole with your fingers in the hair near your scalp at the top of the bun. Let the bun loosen a little if you need to. 

Flip the bun over into the hole. Make sure no pieces are falling through and that the bun has not loosened that much. 

Take the top sides of the flip and move them to cover the top of the flipped bun that is sticking out. If you want a more doughnuty look, pull the hole in the middle to open it up more. 

Tada! If you kept it tight enough it should stay for at least a few hours. My hair is not super slippery, so if your hair is, I have no idea if this will work for you.

Also, what is with the light-brown strand of hair at the nape of my neck? There is no way it's getting sun-bleached down there...  Anyone know why I have this?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Green Smoothie Mania

I have a confession to make. I am a vegetarian that is rather lazy about eating raw vegetables. How hard can it be to make and eat a salad, really? Well, when you think about prep time and chew time it can actually take quite awhile which is no good when you are in a hurry. Thankfully there is a wonder drink called the green smoothie that can help you consume large amounts of raw veggies and greens without even thinking twice.

Green smoothies and I had a rather rough beginning. I really didn't like them at first. Months later I read more about the great health benefits of green smoothie consumption (detoxification, weight loss, regularity, clearer skin...) so I decided to try again. I found out that I was making my greens all wrong. Too many fruits and not enough veggies. Now that I have upped my veggies and subbed juice or water for the original nut or soy milk I can honestly say that I look forward to my green smoothies!

Here is my new green smoothie recipe. It is far from exact, but it is what works for me. The key here is to find your favorite mix of veggies and fruits. If you don't like the first one you make, try try again until you find your perfect mix. Your body will thank you.

Step 1: Select veggies and fruits. Aim to use about 70% veggies and 30% fruit. Try to include a large amount of greens and use fresh greens, never frozen. It is okay to use fresh or frozen fruit. Fresh is more nutritious but I like to use organic frozen fruit since it chills my smoothie for me. If possible buy local and organic.

 In today's smoothie I'm using Spinach, green lettuce mix, frozen mango, frozen papaya, spirulina powder, wheatgrass powder and a little bit of lemonade to cut the strong smell and taste of the greens.

Greens I've tried:
  • spinach (used most often for cost + health reasons)
  • kale
  • mixed lettuce
  • romaine lettuce

Fruits I've Tried:
  • mango (favorite)
  • strawberries
  • papaya (very sweet - my husband's favorite)
  • banana (we often freeze ripe bananas ahead of time)
  • apple (makes smoothie thick and pulpy)
  • pear (makes smoothie thick and pulpy)

Add On Veggies and Herbs I've Tried:
  • Cucumbers (yummy, these go well with the fruits)
  • Celery (strong flavor, but I like it)
  • Carrots
  • Cilantro
  • Parsley

Add on Supplements I've Tried (optional):
  • Spirulina (I buy this at Costco and always add it. It adds nutrition and changes the smoothies from baby food green to vivid green.)
  • Wheat Grass (Really tastes like grass but it is very good for you. I can't stomach a whole serving so I add no more than a teaspoon.)
  • Shelled hemp seeds (if you need protein)
  • Chia seeds (these will gel up on you so only add a tablespoon or so)

Step 2: Prep and Wash your fruits and veggies.  If you only have a regular blender it helps to cut them into small pieces but you can press a whole cucumber into the Vitamix.

Step 3: Pack greens into the bottom of the blender. I usually fill it about 2/3 of the way.

Step 4: Add water, juice, your choice of milk or a mix of liquids. Fill the spaces between the greens with liquid, I use mostly water. Add some lemon juice or lemonade to neutralize the spinach taste.

Step 5: Add supplements.

Step 6: Add fruits and veggies of choice.

Step 7: Blend. Start on low speed and gradually move up to high speed. Once things are moving well turn the high speed switch on. If anything gets stuck, turn the high speed off then gradually go down to medium speed and then gradually work back up again. This is just what works with my blender, may be a bit different with yours.

Step 8: Strain (Optional) If you find that your smoothie is too pulpy or thick to stomach you can easily strain your smoothie drink using a nutmilk bag, unused paint strainer or cheesecloth. This separates the pulp from the juice and makes it more palatable. It is good to leave the pulp in because it adds extra nutrients and fiber but I have found that when I add pear or apple I prefer to strain it because I don't like the texture. Here's Kristen's Raw recipe for Plant Blood which is the strained smoothie recipe that gave me this idea. Saved quite a few smoothies for me!

Step 9: Enjoy! It is best to drink this smoothie right away when the nutrients are ready to be absorbed into your system. I have to be honest, I chug this smoothie to get it down! I do not recommend sipping it. It will probably smell weird, especially if you use lots of spinach. If it bothers you, or if you made it extra green just hold your nose. I've done this before :P. Although they smell and look weird I actually crave them now!

For more information about the health benefits of green smoothies check out Kimberly Snyder's recipe for Glowing Green Smoothies (GGS). They are a staple in her Beauty Detox diet. She even got the Avenger actors to drink them on set. I thought that little factoid would convince my dad to try them but no such luck. Thankfully my hubby and mother are big fans, we are all converts!

Phew, that was a long post! Have you ever tried green smoothies? If not, would you ever?

<3 KM

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Morgana's Crypt Customer Appreciation Sale!

Have ever wanted to try new lipstick colors like mint green, baby blue and iridescent teal?

If so Morgana's Crypt is a great place to get them! Right now they are having a 50% off sale which brings each lipstick to only $6.25. This is my first time ordering from here but I have only heard good things about the formula and pigmentation, I will review them once they arrive :).

This is the site's image of Troll Repellent, the shade that I am most excited to try. It is described as "vivid pink-violet with blue sparkles." Another blogger, Phyrra, swatched this color and some others here http://www.phyrra.net/2012/04/morgana-cryptoria-troll-repellant-far-out-and-totally-tubular.html.

Hope that you had a Happy 4th of July!

<3 KM

Friday, July 5, 2013


 Fourth for July in the city is amazing. All I can say is fireworks 360 for two hours. There were these floating lanterns this year, too. We thought they were UFOs at first. 

These are my two favorite patriotic songs. Well, sort of tongue-in-cheek-patriotic, I guess:

What are your favorite irreverently patriotic songs? 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Minty Daisies

Hi everyone! I'm KM, the other half of this blog :).

Two of my favorite colors lately have been seafoam green and ballet pink. I love wearing pastels in the spring and summer after wearing jewel tones in the fall and winter.

The daisy print of this vintage dress by Butte Knit is so pretty. I love vintage prints! The length of the dress is a bit long for summer so I pinned it up for the day and rolled the sleeves which usually fall just under my elbow. The sleeves have a slight bat-wing shape.

Taking pictures gives me an excuse to go out and about to pretty places.

I love wind blown hair, even if it can be irritating :P. 

I love the rounded toe of these shoes but they took a few days to break in. Ouch!

This dress would be extra adorable with a wide belt to accentuate the waist. I don't have any that match this look, but I love the way that they can give any dress an hour glass shape without being too uncomfortable.

In this look:
- Vintage dress by Butte Knit
- Vintage handbag by A&W
- Vintage sunglasses
- Vintage bangle
- Faux suede pumps by Lollipop

It took a lot for me to get out there and take these pics, because I still have weight to lose after having my last baby but I am glad that I did. It will feel good once I'm finally at my normal weight though!

<3 KM