Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Wet Brush review

Although I hardly believe what I see in infomercials they always seem to tempt me. Even if they are advertising things that I would never, ever need or use. So when I see one that could actually be useful to me I am doubly tempted.

Things get even more ridiculous when my son watches them and then continues to tell me why we need one. Thankfully the shipping is usually so pricey that I can't justify the purchase. However, when I watched one about the magical detangling brush I knew that I had to either try it out or find an alternative.

My hair is insanely tangle-y. It is so bad that I can go to sleep with perfectly straight hair and wake up with a rats nest at the nape of my neck. I have no idea how it gets so full of knots at night time but it always seems to happen if I forget to braid my hair or roll it into buns.

Sometimes I just rock it like Ke$ha and call it a day. Other times I really, really need to brush my hair. I started looking on Amazon for the detangling brush I saw in the infomercial and then I found "The Wet Brush." It's reviews were great and it was only $9 with free shipping so I had to try it. There is also a paddle version here which I haven't tried yet.

When it came in my hair was dry but I tried it anyways and it worked! It is much more gentle on my hair than other brushes although I still need to brush my hair carefully. I definitely need to concentrate on the tangle-y areas and brush slowly and gently but it is still relatively quick.

The Wet Brush doesn't magically pass through my tangled hair but it is much better than other brushes I have tried. For me, it is still necessary to use some kind of hair treatment to make my locks easier to deal with. Oftentimes when I have a beauty problem I need to use a combination of things to solve it anyways so that's not a big deal to me.

This brush also works on wet hair which I love. I try not to brush my hair when it is wet. MR told me that it is more damaging to brush when your hair is wet and I found that this is very true for me. I lose much less hair when I brush it dry but sometimes I need to rush out the door right after I take a shower. This brush allows me to do that if I need to.

You might be wondering "how does the brush work anyways?" It's quite simple actually. The bristles in the brush are thin and flexible, but still stiff enough to comb hair. As you brush your hair the bristles bend and twist with your tangles to gently release them.

Overall Rating: 9/10 A

Although The Wet Brush isn't magic is definitely works for me and it isn't too pricey. I was actually surprised by how well this works on my hair and I plan on buying another for travel.

What is your favorite way to de-tangle hair?

<3 KM

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