Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Treat Yo'self

We all have things that we want but we don't really need. Here is our first list of those things. Maybe they would be good ideas for the "person who has everything."

KM's list

  1. Cape Socks by DC Comics - Unnecessary but awesome.
  2. Ka 'Oir Glitzsticks by Keyshia Ka 'Oir - I wonder if the glitter gets in your mouth? 
  3. Flowery Deer headband by dolly darling - I may actually need these.
  4. Lolita nail set by Aya1gou (Etsy) - Too adorable but they wouldn't last long on me. 
  5. Coconut Candle by Diamond Candles - There is a ring hidden in each candle!
  6. Basic brush set by Hakuhudo - I have passable brushes but I want these luxury ones.

MR's List

Hidden Pockets Coat - I love pockets. Secret pockets are even better. This coat is nothing but pockets. Alas, I have more than enough coats as it is. 

Medic Bag - Yes, I want to carry my own oxygen tank around with me. Not the most practical thing, but so what? It has so many pockets... *drool*

Monster Slippers - My feet are always cold, so I might really need something like this... I'll stick to warming my feet under my dog for now, though.

Aquarium Stripper Shoes - I was actually going to make some of these once, but then I realized I had nowhere to wear them and I can't walk in heels.

Heavy and Speed Bag Stand Combo - I need something to punch, damn it, but I have no room for this in my apartment. 

Laser Welder - Coolest. Thing. Ever.

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