Monday, March 31, 2014

Octopus dress and mini Kauai vacay

I almost feel guilty wearing this tank dress because I bet Mr Fish would want it. Still it's my favorite thing lately. Perfect vacay attire!

If you look carefully you can see that the kraken is trying to eat a man. I didn't realize this at first lol.

I need a bathroom like this one day. So relaxing!

Just a lil bit of the beauty outside.

<3 KM

Friday, March 28, 2014

Big Needles with Little Trauma

Get yourself some dowels. The ones I got were pre-cut to 15 inches, but you can cut your own from the long lengths, too. 

Sand the point down on rough sand paper
The use a smoother sand paper to get everything nice.

Get out some wax and rub it on your needle like you are drawing on it with a tiny crayon.

Vigorously rub your needle until the wax melts into the wood. Keep adding wax and repeating until the needle is smooth. Them apply a light layer of oil. I used coconut, because that was what I had on hand. 

You can glue big old bead to the ends if you want, or you can be lazy like me and just wrap a scrap of fabric around it many times and glue it in place.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Level up your $$$ making skills... for free!

Have you ever wanted to study something that you are really interested in but you weren't really sure if it was worth the investment? Wanted to go to college but too strapped for cash? Been too afraid of a long term commitment with just one campus or subject?

Enter Coursera. is a platform where universities from around the globe offer free online courses to anyone who may be interested in them. All you have to do is sign up and do your best to finish the coursework during the given time frame. It really is that simple. 

With Coursera you can take courses for free and actually earn certificates. Some of the certifications require a small fee for supplies and books but it is always much less than you would pay elsewhere, even at a community college. You can apply for a scholarship to cover any fees if you need to!

I just signed up for "Developing Your Musicianship" from the Berklee College of Music which is part of a 3 course program. The top 10 students who complete the entire program will even receive a $1400 scholarship to attend any other Berklee online courses of their choice. Frick yeah, I can't wait!

There are other great places to level up your knowledge too. Kahn Academy and Treehouse are both amazing but I like how Coursera offers Music which is one of my biggest passions. Hopefully they will add more fashion courses in the future!  

If you could be anything in the world what would you be? I would be a singer/ fashion & accessories designer/ zoologist or dolphin trainer/ baby sloth caretaker/ mom lol. 

<3 KM

Friday, March 21, 2014

10 Crazy Bikinis

It's supposed to be spring already! Why is it still so cold? I think I'm getting cabin fever.  I can tell because I am becoming fascinated with bikinis while I am usually a one-piece kind of girl. These bikinis are not for swimming, though. At least not very vigorous swimming. I want to have them all. I don't know why. It just seems like fun. 

Used to be on ebay
This one reminds me of epic space-travel TV shows. The alien babe shows up in her gravity-defying, oil-slick getup and cuts everyone to bits with her titanium blade. Perfect for those lewd scifi conventions. 

Not the most practical leather armor, but I'm fairly certain if you showed up in this you would have a legion of men willing to protect your soft-bits.
Pretty much the same story here. Maybe she has special protection magic. I bet chain-mail bikinis leave a pretty awesome tan-line.

Most girls have wanted to be a mermaid at some point, right? And if you used the right paint and string this one might actually hold up in water. 

Organic armor
This bikini is made out of cast and painted latex. If I had one of these I might just have to wear it over my street-clothes because it is just that cool. If I ever make a movie I am totally hiring these guys for costume design.

Very impractical cave-woman, but if you want a bikini you gotta use what you've got on hand, right? Perrfect for heavy petting (too much? Sorry, I had to).

Eloketh on Flickr

I made a duct-tape bikini once, but I didn't stick it to my skin like this girl. Man, that seems painful. I used to have a duct-tape bracelet and a duct-tape wallet, too.

And who can deny the pizza bikini. It won't stay on and leaves your skin greasy, but it makes you look delicious.

And last of all you should chop off some plushies' heads and use them to cover your unmentionables. I wonder what the bottoms look like.

If I go too stir-crazy before the cold drizzle of spring is over I might try to hand craft some of these, even if I know I'll never wear them out of my living-room. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Herringbone and Blush Three Ways

My new favorite print is herringbone. Most of it is grey, white and/or, black which makes the print really wearable. I've seen some beautiful brown herringbone prints too. I wish there were more items available in different colors of herringbone like light pink and blue! It's like chevron print but more subtle.

I've also really been into blush pink lately. I love the color although personally I find it difficult to keep pristine. It's almost as stain prone as white but you can't bleach it. Thank goodness for oxyclean lol.

Herringbone Three Ways

<3 KM

Friday, March 14, 2014

Dead Fish Skirt

I keep forgetting to show you the skirt I made out of the fabric I got in November.

I had an old skirt that was sort of falling apart at the bottom, so I ripped that part off and used the super awesome waist-band. It was a little difficult getting the skirt to match up with the waist, but I got it eventually. I had to hand sew it because I was afraid of messing up my machine on the boning. 

It's still a little cold outside for short skirts, but I don't care. I love it!

Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY Holo Gem Sandals

You will need:
  • A pair of sandals with a flat strap
  • Sew on gems like these or these
  • Suji (strong, thin fishing line)
  • Sewing needle 

Gather materials

Thread needle with suji and sew on the first gem starting at the toe.
Make sure that the anchor knot is really secure.

Continue sewing on gems one after another.

Tie securely at the end and repeat design on other shoe. 
Hope that you enjoyed this simple DIY. Let me know if you have any questions! I think that these would be a great for accessory a hipster Jasmine outfit :P. I just love anything glitter or holographic so I fell in love with these gems. Practical or not they make me happy lol.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Dollskill Discovered

I know I'm probably way out of the loop with this, but I just found out about They have such crazy, wild stuff and I love it. Here are some of my favorites. Watch as I talk myself out of buying each one.
No more monkey on your back, just an alien. If I go to a music festival this is totally what I'm carrying my bottled water in. I don't go to music festivals, though...

I think these might be the cutest flats I've ever seen. Have I ever mentioned that I collect spores, mold, and fungi? Only problem is I have no idea what to wear with shoes like this...

So goth. She reminds me of a character out of a Jhonen Vasquez comic and I love the way those characters look. In high school they were my fashion icons. I don't think I could pull it off. Lose tanks don't really work on me because my boobs pull the fabric out so I just end up looking blob-like .

I think I have an obsession with food-themed dresses. So tasty, but so short... on second thought I may just be entranced by the model's fabulous hair.

With this you'd never have to worry about your bra-straps showing because you would want them to show! But I would have to get new shirts that are supposed to show under garments. That sounds complicated and I think I need to be little more daring to rock a visible bra in public. 

This generally the way I shop. How I ended up with a packed-full closet is beyond my comprehension.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

In Love With... Triple Zip Handbags + Little Black Bag rant

Here I go again, dreaming about leather bags that I could possibly do without and finding a million different ways to justify a possible purchase lol. Recently I found this Charlotte Ronson triple zip handbag on Little Black Bag. It has 3 large zippered compartments, genius. Think of all the possibilities! One for make up, one for my kid's stuff and one for money and business things...

I happened to have an open bag when this bag was released but is so awesome that no one would trade anything that I had in my bag for it lol. So I decided to search for other triple zip leather bags to see if this really is the best one. Of course I found a few more that I fell even harder for. I think my favorite is the Coach Legacy embossed leather tote but it is more expensive than the Charlotte Ronson and I am not sure how long my snakeskin print craving will last.

In Love With... Triple Zip Handbags

If you've never heard of Little Black Bag before I'll tell you a bit about it. Basically you purchase one item and you have the option to either buy the item alone or get a bundle. If you chose the bundle option you will receive a number of additional items but they will be a secret.

You are able to see the brand of the item and the value but you don't get to see the actual item. Oftentimes if you look in the gallery you can figure out which items they may be though. Then after you purchase your items you have a week to trade with others.

I recently opened a bag because they had a sale and I ended up scoring some pretty sunglasses, $35 earrings for $3 and a few scarves. I really recommend the sales. They are fun and you can score great deals but you have to make sure you only choose what you like because sale items don't trade as well as non sale items.

To get the best deals it helps to purchase right away once new items are released because good items go fast. This is especially true during sales, all the leather bags are often sold out in a matter of 15 min or less during sales! If you contact the customer service they will tell you what time they release items and they are really helpful.

If you are interested in joining Little Black Bag you can follow this link for 25% off. My LBB name is KM F. If you're already on LBB, maybe I'll see you in the chat sometime :).

Later Lovelies!