Friday, March 21, 2014

10 Crazy Bikinis

It's supposed to be spring already! Why is it still so cold? I think I'm getting cabin fever.  I can tell because I am becoming fascinated with bikinis while I am usually a one-piece kind of girl. These bikinis are not for swimming, though. At least not very vigorous swimming. I want to have them all. I don't know why. It just seems like fun. 

Used to be on ebay
This one reminds me of epic space-travel TV shows. The alien babe shows up in her gravity-defying, oil-slick getup and cuts everyone to bits with her titanium blade. Perfect for those lewd scifi conventions. 

Not the most practical leather armor, but I'm fairly certain if you showed up in this you would have a legion of men willing to protect your soft-bits.
Pretty much the same story here. Maybe she has special protection magic. I bet chain-mail bikinis leave a pretty awesome tan-line.

Most girls have wanted to be a mermaid at some point, right? And if you used the right paint and string this one might actually hold up in water. 

Organic armor
This bikini is made out of cast and painted latex. If I had one of these I might just have to wear it over my street-clothes because it is just that cool. If I ever make a movie I am totally hiring these guys for costume design.

Very impractical cave-woman, but if you want a bikini you gotta use what you've got on hand, right? Perrfect for heavy petting (too much? Sorry, I had to).

Eloketh on Flickr

I made a duct-tape bikini once, but I didn't stick it to my skin like this girl. Man, that seems painful. I used to have a duct-tape bracelet and a duct-tape wallet, too.

And who can deny the pizza bikini. It won't stay on and leaves your skin greasy, but it makes you look delicious.

And last of all you should chop off some plushies' heads and use them to cover your unmentionables. I wonder what the bottoms look like.

If I go too stir-crazy before the cold drizzle of spring is over I might try to hand craft some of these, even if I know I'll never wear them out of my living-room. 


  1. That Organic Armor one is amazing. I totally think I need a seashell bikini now lol. I totally remember the ductape bikini, yours was pretty sweet!