Monday, March 3, 2014

In Love With... Triple Zip Handbags + Little Black Bag rant

Here I go again, dreaming about leather bags that I could possibly do without and finding a million different ways to justify a possible purchase lol. Recently I found this Charlotte Ronson triple zip handbag on Little Black Bag. It has 3 large zippered compartments, genius. Think of all the possibilities! One for make up, one for my kid's stuff and one for money and business things...

I happened to have an open bag when this bag was released but is so awesome that no one would trade anything that I had in my bag for it lol. So I decided to search for other triple zip leather bags to see if this really is the best one. Of course I found a few more that I fell even harder for. I think my favorite is the Coach Legacy embossed leather tote but it is more expensive than the Charlotte Ronson and I am not sure how long my snakeskin print craving will last.

In Love With... Triple Zip Handbags

If you've never heard of Little Black Bag before I'll tell you a bit about it. Basically you purchase one item and you have the option to either buy the item alone or get a bundle. If you chose the bundle option you will receive a number of additional items but they will be a secret.

You are able to see the brand of the item and the value but you don't get to see the actual item. Oftentimes if you look in the gallery you can figure out which items they may be though. Then after you purchase your items you have a week to trade with others.

I recently opened a bag because they had a sale and I ended up scoring some pretty sunglasses, $35 earrings for $3 and a few scarves. I really recommend the sales. They are fun and you can score great deals but you have to make sure you only choose what you like because sale items don't trade as well as non sale items.

To get the best deals it helps to purchase right away once new items are released because good items go fast. This is especially true during sales, all the leather bags are often sold out in a matter of 15 min or less during sales! If you contact the customer service they will tell you what time they release items and they are really helpful.

If you are interested in joining Little Black Bag you can follow this link for 25% off. My LBB name is KM F. If you're already on LBB, maybe I'll see you in the chat sometime :).

Later Lovelies!

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