Sunday, June 29, 2014

Simple Dreams - Sunday Song Session #3

Sometimes it feels like it can be so hard to get ahead. My hubby and I have been dreaming of owning our own home for a long time and I tend to get a bit impatient about it now and then. I am really happy where we are right now, but we have a lot of work ahead of us before we can really feel financially secure. I know that we are not alone in this struggle though, and I feel really lucky to have a roof over my head, electricity, clean water, internet access and lots of healthy food to eat. That's pretty awesome!

Simple Dreams 
-KM Fern

One day I'm sure we'll get to the point where we can afford to get a home loan. In the meantime I am dreaming about it. HGTV is pretty much my favorite channel. I already know exactly what type of backsplash I want in the kitchen and I hope that one day I will get to experience the joys of marble countertops lol. Maybe we'll even get to incorporate some color changing heat sensitive tile somewhere. That would be dope. And I would never again have carpet in the dining room. It is such a headache!

Our apartment is pretty awesome but it definitely has it limitations. I like not having to mow the lawn but I would love to be able to plant or garden more. I haven't had the best of luck gardening in the past but I really miss having fruit trees. I love just hanging in the yard eating fruit. One of the best ways to spend a lazy afternoon imo.

More than anything I miss being able to just let my kids run around in the backyard or play in the kiddie pool. I have to take them on walks all of the time now, just like puppies lol. It motivates me to get moving but I have to go at their pace. Sometimes its nice to just let them do their own thing while I do some exercises or read a book.

Despite all of my complaints life is awesome as long as I am with the ones I love, eating healthy yummy food and laughing as much as possible - singing and blogging all the way. Wishing you all the best of luck in love and in life!

<3 KM

Friday, June 27, 2014

Awesome Knives

I've been needing a new knife for a while now. It became particularly apparent when I was gathering lilacs that I really needed something to carry with me so I didn't have to tear into the poor plants. I haven't decided what to get yet, but these are my top choices:

These seem like they would be the most useful for me. They are made to mostly do plant-work and that is the main function that I find myself needing when I am out being a flower-thief.  They are 4 inches when closed, which is a little large to keep on a key-chain, but I swear they have everything I could ever want on them. And they come with a case!

The scissors on these look like they could take care of some not too woody stems. I remember when I had my Swiss Army Knife the tool that I used the most was the scissors. This tool is quite small (2.5 inches) and I like how the knife comes out of the end instead of the middle - that way the knife has a handle like a real knife. I am a little bummed it doesn't have a saw or a can opener, though. 

Key-chain Leaf Knife

I think what really sold me on this little beauty is the reviews. Everyone seems to love it. And it is the prettiest, most elvish knife I've seen. I would never forget it because it goes on my key-chain. It seems like there is one major drawback: it might pop open in your pocket! 

Key-chain UFO Knife

This one is just so silly that I love it. I doubt anyone would know it was a knife, either. Maybe it's a secret, travel friendly knife? It seems to have the same problem as the previous knife of having no locking mechanism, so it might fillet your finger in your pocket. 

Man... I want all of them... 

PS. How to airlines expect you to travel without a knife?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Household Tips we wish we would have thought of sooner!

Leaving the nest and living on your own can be a challenge. The things that we didn't learn while growing up amazes us. I guess we just weren't paying attention :P. Here is a list of some random household tips and tricks that we have learned along the way, and really wish that we would have thought of sooner.

Disclaimer: This list contains many revelations that occurred in the form of "duh" moments. Sometimes we seriously wonder how we've survived this long.

KM's Tips
  • If something is stuck to the bottom of a pan put a thin layer of water in the pan to cover it and heat it up until the stuck stuff becomes soft. Hot water also works wonders to dissolve stuck on sugary residue left in pans and bowls after baking or cooking sweets. I can't believe how many pots and pans I needlessly scrubbed to pieces after my many cooking experiments.
  • Want a quick way to steam your veggies but don't want to use one of those steamer things that covered pan like this. Then place your prepped and cleaned veggies in the pan, cover and steam on medium - medium high until just tender. When the veggies are done pour them into a colander to drain and rinse with cold water to shock them and brighten their color. Season to taste. Thanks Rachel Ray!
  • Do you have mystery marks left on your counter, sink, bathtub or other places? Make a paste of something like Bon Ami and water, rub it into the stain and let it sit for awhile. Then scrub it off in a circular motion. I learned about Bon Ami from another blogger and use it to clean just about everything. It's earth friendly and its so cheap! 
  • Always have a ton of dishes to wash? Try to become a dish minimalist and donate any excessive dishes you may have or hide extras away in a closet for when company comes over. If you only have a small amount of dishes, you will be forced to wash them before your next meal. Alternatively you can get differently colored dishes and assign one color to each person. I just did that with my kid's cups and it totally saves my sanity. 
  • Magic. Erasers. If you haven't tried these yet they are such a lifesaver. I don't know why it took me so long to buy one lol! They make the very best dry erase board erasers in addition to all of the other random stuff that they can do.

MR's Tips
  • Never mix ammonia and bleach no matter how dirty your toilet is. It creates toxic gases that can kill you: chemical warfare in your own powder room. This happened and it was bad. We don't even keep ammonia in the house anymore. 
  • Vinegar is an all-purpose cleaner. Works for toilets, sinks, counters - even floors. And I've never heard of it killing anyone. Use distilled white vinegar. 
  •  Always put on gloves when using stainless steel cleaner. What happens if you don't wear gloves? It itches and burns... and peels... and smells really bad. 
  • Baking soda, borax, and castle soap make inexpensive laundry detergent. You only have to use a tablespoon or two per load!
  • Remember to water your cacti. They may be desert plants, but they will die if you forget them on the windowsill behind the  black-velvet curtains for 6 months. 
  • This is a weird one that works for me: listen to the upbeat Cantonese opera tape you found on the ground while folding clothes or mopping. It will give you energy and make you want to do it faster to get the strange screeching out of your ears. This will probably work with any upbeat music you find intriguing, but is slightly grating. Also, don't lend your tape-player to someone who won't give it back.
  • The best one ever. Have such low standards for what is considered clean that your significant other has no choice but to take over. Be nice, though - always thank and praise them, and when they are tired allow them to bribe you to do some of the work.

What helpful little things have you learned along this path called life?

<3 KM and MR

My Style Icons - KM

My style is a little "all over the place." I tend to go through phases quite often. Sometimes I feel like dressing a little grungy and I only want to wear big tshirts. Other times I feel like wearing dresses with nylons and heels. My most influential icons are a little bit of both.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

The Hat Observer

Jackie O is timeless, always looking put together from head to toe. Her hair and makeup were always perfectly in place. She was so graceful which is something that I am aspiring to become - although I admit I've got a lot of work to do :P. I think she was my first fashion favorite.

Courtney Love

90s Costumes: Courtney Love

Courtney Love may not be the best role model, but she is so awesome. I happen to love her music so that adds to her hotness in my book. And I love her haircut, and the careless way that she dresses. She just is who she is and really acts and dresses however she wants to.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler photo, pics, wallpaper - photo #385636

Liv Tyler is stunning in every role she plays. She is especially beautiful in elf form as Arwen. My favorite performance of hers is Sarah in the 2011 movie "Super." This girl can act and her style is very classy, cozy and luxurious.

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

From Film To NYU To Fashion, It Has Always Been A Twin Thing For...

I grew up watching Full House, and even bought a few of the items that MK & Ash designed in their teen years when I was a tween. I even have some items from their Olsenboye collection from JCP which I chose before I even knew it was their line. I kind of feel like I am growing up with them, lol, and I love the way that they take fashionable risks.

Priscilla Presley

Style Inspiration:Priscilla Presley photo Katy Bambie's photos -...

Priscilla Presley is just gorgeous. I was searching for 60's style dresses one day and came across a pic of her and I was like, "Who is that beautiful woman?" Little did I know that it was none other than the wife of the King! Elvis could have had just about any girl and he chose her, and I see why. Her style is very inspirational to me, although I do not quite have the patience, volume or skills to style my hair like hers, and it will take me quite awhile to grow it that long again lol.

If you liked this post you may also love Mr. Fish's style icons here.

<3 KM

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Weird Trend: Plastic Skirts and Dresses

Plastic clothing sounds hot and sweaty, but it looks pretty cool. Even D&G has dabbled in the plastic arena. These are definitely more novel than practical, but I want one lol.

Dolce Gabbana

American Apparel skirt

Simone Rocha transparent floral embroidered dress

Nasty Gal Virtuosity Skater Skirt

Keely King by Scott Laytart for C-Heads | C-Heads Magazine

Hybrid approach: monki wool and plastic skirt, £30, - London...

Lip Service Chain Reaction Clear Dress | Dolls Kill

Lip Service Chain Reaction Clear Dress | Dolls Kill (clipped to

Wearing ponchos has taught me that plastic can be hot and sweaty so these probably aren't for long periods of wear. It seems like most of the designers have added enough flare that the air will circulate though. I bet that wearing cotton underneath helps a ton too. I love the combo of plastic and cotton, so unexpected. 

<3 KM

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Say - Sunday Song Session #2

Standing up for yourself can be scary. It totally freaks me out but I do it anyway.

I am one of those people that used to say sorry for just being alive, I still do sometimes. I just really hate the feeling of being in someone else's way.

Now I realize that for the sake of myself and my family I just need to take care of our lives without worrying about other people's feelings so much. This can be so hard for sensitive people. I still care too much sometimes but in reality I now understand that everyone has to take care of their own stuff so in the long run it's no big deal it's just life. I am figuring out that there is a very fine line between assertive and bi**hy though and I'm still trying to figure out that balance haha.

I've also learned never to admit weakness. I know, I know.... by saying this I am totally admitting that I feel weak sometimes. I think it is okay to admit it to some people but for most of the public I feel like I gotta hold my head up high and smile even when I am hurting inside. First impressions are everything and you never know who you are going to meet no matter where you are. Besides, it's nice to break out of that bubble of pain anyways haha. Just get over it for a moment and deal with it later, as long as you deal with it. Dwelling sucks.

Wishing you all the very best!

<3 KM

PS: If you are interested in watching my first song post you can check it out here.

Friday, June 20, 2014

We Have Crashed on a Strange Planet, Captain

I think I may have mentioned it before, but I really love grey. Gray - grey - gray... however you are supposed to spell it. I like "grey" better, so that is what I will use. My favorite color of grey is that deep, steely color of storm-clouds in the late afternoon. Summer storms cool the brutal heat from the day, even if they roll through quickly. I really appreciate the cooling so I can wear super fun outfits like this without frying my - assets - off.

I call this outfit interplanetary explorer. The grey leggings and long shirt reminds me of a Starfleet uniform and the hood makes me feel like some sort of alien mystic that lurks in caves on swampy planets. I think next time I wear this outfit I might add one of my water-guns to my belt and pretend it's a phaser. Too much? 

My hood-thingy is from Akira, leggings are Jolt, and the shirt is tagless, but I'm pretty sure I got it at Banana Republic... maybe Gap. I'm glad it's so long so that it covers my - assets. I bought these Aldo boots because they reminded me of Peacekeeper boots from Farscape.

Here is the puddle that was once Tasha Yar. I will escape through this door so I do not succumb to the same fate.

And now a hilarious Star Trek song. Don't listen to it if you have an averse reaction to LSD or penises. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cyber bikinis from Dolls Kill

Cyber punk is making it's way to the beach, and the suits are adorable! Here are just a few of the swim suits available now at

One teaspoon



Top (see more babydoll tops)

Goldfish Cheeky Bottom

To see more crazy bikini's check out Mr. Fish's post here or for more Dollskill check out her post here.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Plaid Houndstooth - it exists! OOTD

So I went shopping like this...

The cut of this dress is really fun, it makes me want to twirl lol.

My men's shirt,
and my glasses provide some cover
from whatever kinds of looks might come my way.  

So dorky but I love it.

Dress: UrbanOg
Leggings: Cotton On
Shoes H&M
Glasses: Betsey Johnson

In other news I can't wait to put my hair in a ponytail again.

So much so that it makes me want extensions lmao.

If I put it up at this stage I look like I have a top knot.

Kinda cray.

Plaid + hounds-tooth - oh yeah! 
<3 KM

YouTube Newbie - my first song!

So I'm going for it, I just launched my first video on Youtube! 

I'm focusing on music so if you are into original songs please check it out. My plan is to start here and post weekly to improve my skill and give me a tangible music goal as I share some of my heart with y'all. 

Also if you have a channel of your own, let me know and I'll check it out! 

In case you're still reading:

I have written hundreds of songs - I started when I was like 5 but not all of them are publishable haha. I plan to post lots of those with some covers in the mix.

I am just learning the guitar so I hope to post some videos with my hubby because he is much, much better than I am when it comes to playing stringed instruments, which means he can play fancier stuff. It's in his blood.

<3 KM

UPDATE 01/27/15: I put all of my songs on Soundcloud now, it works better for me :).

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lilac Syrup

Lilacs smell heavenly, but only bloom for a short period. I remember in kindergarten I used to pretend I was a bee and would go around sucking the nectar out of lilacs. I thought it tasted better than honeysuckle. That is until one of the teachers caught me and worried that they might be poisonous. But don't worry. Lilac flowers are not poisonous and this recipe will teach you how to keep the glorious scent and flavor around for a bit longer.

Pick lilacs that are high on the bush to reduce the chance of contaminates. Also, choose a plant that has not been blasted with pesticides. Eww. I do not wash these flowers because I don't want to lose any of their sweet nectar. Shake the flowers out to avoid insects.

Remove the greenery and stems as much as possible. Pinch them close to the bottom, but not further up so you don't pinch away the nectar.

Add warm water to your lilacs. The volume of the water should be just a little bit smaller than that of your lilacs. Put in a jar and shake. Shake the lilacs for about ten minutes and then strain out the lilacs. I did this with a paper towel because I wanted to get out more of the pollen. 

Put the golden liquid in a pot and heat, adding 1/2 cup of sugar for each cup of liquid, until sugar is dissolved.

Put into a jar and you are done. 

I think this syrup would be a lovely addition to some vanilla cupcake frosting. I've been lazy, though and have just been eating spoonfuls whenever I get a hankering.  

Monday, June 9, 2014

Run a mile a day, like Beyoncé!

One day I was reading an article about Beyoncé and it said that she runs one mile a day. That's really not too far imo. I know people that can run that in like 4 minutes or less! Bey has a great figure so I planned to start it up myself as soon as possible. 

2 months later and I still didn't start, so I got a pedometer to measure my daily mile. Used it for the first time yesterday. Love this lil gadget by Ozeri and I can't wait to use it again today. The steps really add up quickly which is great motivation for me!

For the sake of science here is my body on day 1. Hopefully I'll be able to post a great progress pic next month. Just need to keep it up every single day. Consistency is not my strong suit but I am determined to do this and I can be fairly stubborn so wish me luck :).

<3 KM

Friday, June 6, 2014

Explosive Shirt

I finally got it! My atom bomb shirt from Aliexpress. It took months to get here. The tracking said that it got here from China in about two weeks. My post office is super messed up. They did an expose on the local news about it. They claimed it was so slow because a bunch of workers quit because the winter was so bad. 

I also ordered a dress that never came and got sent back because of how much my post office sucks. Seriously. Both were sitting at the post office for about three months! I thought it would never come, but I am super happy that it did.

Trying for A Boy and His Dog look
Here is my Atomic Blast post that shows some other explosive fashions, if you are interested. I am also wearing my BandolinoBlu jeans and BB Dakota jacket. The shirt itself is made out of a very lightweight nylon, almost like a running shirt. Perfect for summer.

As much as I love my shirt, there might be a small problem. It looks like an atomic fart from the back. Hehehe. I think that's a good thing, though. Adds a bit of humor to the doom and gloom.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bubblegum Scented Shoe Haul: $9 Mel shoes + Modnique review

These plastic shoes seriously smell like bubblegum candy. They are as close to Barbie shoes as you're gonna get. I like them because they are super easy to throw on as you're walking out the door no matter what battles you have to go through before you leave the house :).

Right now you can score a bunch of different styles and colors of these shoes on Modnique for only $9. I owned this heart strap flip flop pair of Melissa shoes awhile back and wore them just about everyday for 9 months straight until they finally broke. According to the Mel shoes site, "Mel is the playful younger sister of Melissa."<3 <3 <3 them!

This is about the 6th time I've ordered from Modnique over the last year or two. It is a flash sale site that carries all sorts of designers from affordable to high end like L.A.M.B., Christian Louboutin and Salvatore Ferragamo.

I've always had a great experience shopping with Modnique. Occasionally they even have 30% off of their sale items which is awesome. My only gripe is you have to spend $179 to get free shipping. Lame. It would be awesome if the free shipping minimum was like $50 - 75. I am still super stoked on this deal though, even with the added shipping.

<3 KM

*****Update 05/26/15: I never wear these because I think they are pretty darn uncomfortable. They are not made for walking. The sole is nowhere near as cushy as Crocs. I have worn each pair once or twice and that's it! Getting rid of them all. On the plus side they still smell like bubble gum :P. ********

Monday, June 2, 2014

Navy polka dots are the new black...

Navy polka dots are surprisingly neutral and I can't get enough of them! I recently bought two tops from H&M, both in the same print but different cuts, because I love it so much. Polka dots add just enough quirk to your outfit without going overboard imo.


Top: H&M here
Bottoms: H&M here
Shoes: H&M here
Bag: Steve Madden 
Sunnies: SPL