Friday, June 27, 2014

Awesome Knives

I've been needing a new knife for a while now. It became particularly apparent when I was gathering lilacs that I really needed something to carry with me so I didn't have to tear into the poor plants. I haven't decided what to get yet, but these are my top choices:

These seem like they would be the most useful for me. They are made to mostly do plant-work and that is the main function that I find myself needing when I am out being a flower-thief.  They are 4 inches when closed, which is a little large to keep on a key-chain, but I swear they have everything I could ever want on them. And they come with a case!

The scissors on these look like they could take care of some not too woody stems. I remember when I had my Swiss Army Knife the tool that I used the most was the scissors. This tool is quite small (2.5 inches) and I like how the knife comes out of the end instead of the middle - that way the knife has a handle like a real knife. I am a little bummed it doesn't have a saw or a can opener, though. 

Key-chain Leaf Knife

I think what really sold me on this little beauty is the reviews. Everyone seems to love it. And it is the prettiest, most elvish knife I've seen. I would never forget it because it goes on my key-chain. It seems like there is one major drawback: it might pop open in your pocket! 

Key-chain UFO Knife

This one is just so silly that I love it. I doubt anyone would know it was a knife, either. Maybe it's a secret, travel friendly knife? It seems to have the same problem as the previous knife of having no locking mechanism, so it might fillet your finger in your pocket. 

Man... I want all of them... 

PS. How to airlines expect you to travel without a knife?


  1. Oh man all these knives look really fancy and multi-useful and... kinda scary too xD Especially when you're not much of a knife person yourself unless it comes to ones used in the kitchen. I hope you choose well, lol. I can't give much advice here :3

    Check out my post about reading:

    1. Oh, I love kitchen knives, too. Especially my bright-green paring knife and my Japanese cleaver.
      I ended up inheriting a Victorinox Swiss army knife, so that will do for a bit.. Now that I have that, I am totally leaning towards the gardening ones.