Friday, June 6, 2014

Explosive Shirt

I finally got it! My atom bomb shirt from Aliexpress. It took months to get here. The tracking said that it got here from China in about two weeks. My post office is super messed up. They did an expose on the local news about it. They claimed it was so slow because a bunch of workers quit because the winter was so bad. 

I also ordered a dress that never came and got sent back because of how much my post office sucks. Seriously. Both were sitting at the post office for about three months! I thought it would never come, but I am super happy that it did.

Trying for A Boy and His Dog look
Here is my Atomic Blast post that shows some other explosive fashions, if you are interested. I am also wearing my BandolinoBlu jeans and BB Dakota jacket. The shirt itself is made out of a very lightweight nylon, almost like a running shirt. Perfect for summer.

As much as I love my shirt, there might be a small problem. It looks like an atomic fart from the back. Hehehe. I think that's a good thing, though. Adds a bit of humor to the doom and gloom.


  1. I love t-shirts like this! :)

  2. Holy man, I hope your post office shapes up - that's nuts! I love the look with your jacket - it's too funny about the back you crak me up lol. Those jeans look great on you btw!

    1. Thank you. My favorite jacket and jeans! How'd you know :D? The post office has been better, but I haven't had the guts to order anything form over seas since.