Sunday, June 22, 2014

Say - Sunday Song Session #2

Standing up for yourself can be scary. It totally freaks me out but I do it anyway.

I am one of those people that used to say sorry for just being alive, I still do sometimes. I just really hate the feeling of being in someone else's way.

Now I realize that for the sake of myself and my family I just need to take care of our lives without worrying about other people's feelings so much. This can be so hard for sensitive people. I still care too much sometimes but in reality I now understand that everyone has to take care of their own stuff so in the long run it's no big deal it's just life. I am figuring out that there is a very fine line between assertive and bi**hy though and I'm still trying to figure out that balance haha.

I've also learned never to admit weakness. I know, I know.... by saying this I am totally admitting that I feel weak sometimes. I think it is okay to admit it to some people but for most of the public I feel like I gotta hold my head up high and smile even when I am hurting inside. First impressions are everything and you never know who you are going to meet no matter where you are. Besides, it's nice to break out of that bubble of pain anyways haha. Just get over it for a moment and deal with it later, as long as you deal with it. Dwelling sucks.

Wishing you all the very best!

<3 KM

PS: If you are interested in watching my first song post you can check it out here.

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