Monday, June 16, 2014

YouTube Newbie - my first song!

So I'm going for it, I just launched my first video on Youtube! 

I'm focusing on music so if you are into original songs please check it out. My plan is to start here and post weekly to improve my skill and give me a tangible music goal as I share some of my heart with y'all. 

Also if you have a channel of your own, let me know and I'll check it out! 

In case you're still reading:

I have written hundreds of songs - I started when I was like 5 but not all of them are publishable haha. I plan to post lots of those with some covers in the mix.

I am just learning the guitar so I hope to post some videos with my hubby because he is much, much better than I am when it comes to playing stringed instruments, which means he can play fancier stuff. It's in his blood.

<3 KM

UPDATE 01/27/15: I put all of my songs on Soundcloud now, it works better for me :).


  1. Awesome & beautiful start! I'm subscribed to your YouTube channel &am excited to hear more! ^__^

    1. Yay, TY! Lmk if you have any social medias for me to follow too :)