Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bubblegum Scented Shoe Haul: $9 Mel shoes + Modnique review

These plastic shoes seriously smell like bubblegum candy. They are as close to Barbie shoes as you're gonna get. I like them because they are super easy to throw on as you're walking out the door no matter what battles you have to go through before you leave the house :).

Right now you can score a bunch of different styles and colors of these shoes on Modnique for only $9. I owned this heart strap flip flop pair of Melissa shoes awhile back and wore them just about everyday for 9 months straight until they finally broke. According to the Mel shoes site, "Mel is the playful younger sister of Melissa."<3 <3 <3 them!

This is about the 6th time I've ordered from Modnique over the last year or two. It is a flash sale site that carries all sorts of designers from affordable to high end like L.A.M.B., Christian Louboutin and Salvatore Ferragamo.

I've always had a great experience shopping with Modnique. Occasionally they even have 30% off of their sale items which is awesome. My only gripe is you have to spend $179 to get free shipping. Lame. It would be awesome if the free shipping minimum was like $50 - 75. I am still super stoked on this deal though, even with the added shipping.

<3 KM

*****Update 05/26/15: I never wear these because I think they are pretty darn uncomfortable. They are not made for walking. The sole is nowhere near as cushy as Crocs. I have worn each pair once or twice and that's it! Getting rid of them all. On the plus side they still smell like bubble gum :P. ********

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