Saturday, April 29, 2017

Song Obsessions - Starboy and On Hold #theXX #theWeekend

I have been so over the radio lately. Too many repeats and new songs that sound the same mixed with some good ones that got old quickly. I am ready and waiting for a new music season!

Despite the lull in exciting new music these two songs have been playing on repeat for the last few months. I still turn it up when they come on and continue to play them again when I get home.

The Weekend has reached a whole new level with Starboy. The unexpected beat changes and variations in his voice pattern keep things interesting over and over again. It is a challenging song to memorize beginning to end. Plus its smoother than anything I've heard recently.

Starboy's music video has nearly reach 1 BILLION views and it has earned every single one. According to Urban Dictionary a starboy is "womanizer, a philanderer". Bummer. 
I was hoping it was something epic and/ or extraterrestrial haha. 

When does it stop? When do you stop? When do you dare me to?

On Hold begins rather calmly but when it gets to this part I can't help but dance. The trap/dubstep beat is sick. I have totally replayed the loop before because it is my absolute favorite part of the song and one of my favorite pieces of any song the in last 6 months or so.

Anything epic that I am totally missing? Let me know.

<3 KM