Friday, August 11, 2017

Wolves, Unicorns and Baby Skunks! Ridiculously Cute shirts by The Mountain

Back to school shopping season is upon us. Time for comfy/cool T-shirts! I have purchased tees for my kiddos and myself from a ton of different vendors over the years. The Mountain is one company that I keep coming back to. 

The Mountain tees are built to last a generation and they cater to nerdy animal lovers like myself. Perfect for Portlanders! Whether you are a student, a parent or someone else these shirts are sure to leave a smile on your face as they wrap you in coziness. 

A picture says a thousand words so I am sure you all currently understand how awestruck I am by the Yin Yang Wolves Hoodie. So comfy, so beautiful, so fuzzy looking... I just might cry. 

Behold the stunning Last Unicorn T shirt. Modeled by a man, it is clear that this unisex shirt looks great on absolutely everyone. The angelic unicorn looks breathtaking hovering above the jewel toned background. This may be my favorite. 

This beauty is a kid's shirt but I simply couldn't resist adding it as an option for myself lol. After all, an XL in kids has the same width as a men's small. The length is smaller but that is actually a benefit for the short torsoed people of the world like myself. Plus the kid's shirts are cheaper lol. 

Every boy needs a gorilla shirt. Just look at the grand ape's expression. He looks like a boss that is hard to please. I bet he's thinking, "I am not amused human, but I am also bored. Proceed."

Have a different favorite t-shirt brand? Please share it with me. Ts are life. Uniqlo is still my fave but The Mountain is a close second. 

<3 KM