Monday, April 20, 2015

Oh I Wish There Was a Uniqlo in Portland

Uniqlo's playful yet practical clothing is a welcomed addition to any wardrobe. There are so many pieces that I adore on the website which makes it hard to chose. Sometimes it really helps to try things on, especially if it is a new cut or color.

Since I don't plan on moving to Cali anytime soon I think it's about time that Portland gets a Uniqlo. I'm so sure that it would go over well here. I'm hoping that someone is already working on this! H&M is a huge success here and Uniqlo is pretty much the Japanese version of it. What could go wrong?

Summer is right around the corner. Welcome it with open arms by wearing sunny and bright colors. Bring on the sunshine!

Uniqlo's Colorful Looks

Pretty pastels are the perfect thing to wear on a happy day. It's hard to be sad when you're this adorable.

Uniqlo's Pretty Pastels

Navy is the new black again. It is slightly less hot and nearly as neutral. I like to mix it with black so I don't look too goth. Here are a bunch of different options.

Nothing But Navy - Uniqlo

If your lucky enough to live near a Uniqlo, enjoy it for me! When I do get the chance to visit one I'm pretty sure I will just freeze for a moment to admire the perfectly organized stacks of clothing, before I actually start shopping. So. Cool.

***Hope that you all have had a great start to your week***

<3 KM

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