Monday, April 13, 2015

Moth Prints - Fresher than the butterfly!

When I got my Spring H&M catalog I just about squealed when I noticed that a few of their looks contained moth print fabric. I love butterflies, but moths are so unexpected and just as beautiful.

Moth print for Spring

These pieces are mostly in my dreams, with lots of expensive jewelry to boot. The awesome Antipodium Propagator skirt is sold out but it is just too perfect. I love the cut, length and flow. The blush lace Dorothy Perkins dress is only $55 retail but unfortunately it is also sold out. DP offers a similar dress available here but the cut isn't quite as curvy. The silk J Crew blouse is on sale right now for $80; the "sail turquoise" color is pretty much my favorite color at the moment!

Attainable Moth Print

Though they are not as fancy, these looks are much more affordable and easier to take care of. The moth prints by various artists on are just beautiful. Seriously thinking of ordering the one with the mint moon by Morgan Kendall, I just need to figure out where to put it. The navy moth print pants above by h&m are the piece that started this whole ordeal. Since the moths are different colors they almost look like little eiffel towers from far away.

***Hope that you all have a beautiful and inspiring week ahead of you***

<3 KM

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  1. I am a sucker for anything with bugs on it. I haven't seen any moth prints in person yet, but I have seen plenty of dragonflies this season. I especially love that J Crew blouse. I would probably end up pretend flying in it all the time and looking like a loon, though.