Friday, April 3, 2015

Dresses with Hoods!

Desert Rose
I wish more clothing came with hoods. Hoodies are awesome and all, but some times they seem a bit too casual. That is why I dredged up these hoodie dresses. 
Bunny Hoodie Dress
 Clothing with zoomorphic tendencies always tempts me. It's something about the ears. I've always wanted furry ears. I am not a big fan of real rabbits, so I think I would pretend that these are coyote or Anubis ears. This dress looks so comfy and cute, but I bet it needs a crinoline. 
Maxi Hooded Dress
 Humidity and heat messing with your hair? Then it's time to invest in a short sleeved hoodie dress. The mossy color of this dress is so spring.
Sandworm Dress
 I am they type of person that finds sandworms cute. I am hoping that the new Beetlejuice movie actually happens. If you like nerdy dresses you should totally check out this Etsy shop. She has some pretty neat stuff.

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