Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Style Icons - KM

My style is a little "all over the place." I tend to go through phases quite often. Sometimes I feel like dressing a little grungy and I only want to wear big tshirts. Other times I feel like wearing dresses with nylons and heels. My most influential icons are a little bit of both.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

The Hat Observer

Jackie O is timeless, always looking put together from head to toe. Her hair and makeup were always perfectly in place. She was so graceful which is something that I am aspiring to become - although I admit I've got a lot of work to do :P. I think she was my first fashion favorite.

Courtney Love

90s Costumes: Courtney Love

Courtney Love may not be the best role model, but she is so awesome. I happen to love her music so that adds to her hotness in my book. And I love her haircut, and the careless way that she dresses. She just is who she is and really acts and dresses however she wants to.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler photo, pics, wallpaper - photo #385636

Liv Tyler is stunning in every role she plays. She is especially beautiful in elf form as Arwen. My favorite performance of hers is Sarah in the 2011 movie "Super." This girl can act and her style is very classy, cozy and luxurious.

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

From Film To NYU To Fashion, It Has Always Been A Twin Thing For...

I grew up watching Full House, and even bought a few of the items that MK & Ash designed in their teen years when I was a tween. I even have some items from their Olsenboye collection from JCP which I chose before I even knew it was their line. I kind of feel like I am growing up with them, lol, and I love the way that they take fashionable risks.

Priscilla Presley

Style Inspiration:Priscilla Presley photo Katy Bambie's photos -...

Priscilla Presley is just gorgeous. I was searching for 60's style dresses one day and came across a pic of her and I was like, "Who is that beautiful woman?" Little did I know that it was none other than the wife of the King! Elvis could have had just about any girl and he chose her, and I see why. Her style is very inspirational to me, although I do not quite have the patience, volume or skills to style my hair like hers, and it will take me quite awhile to grow it that long again lol.

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