Friday, November 1, 2013

My Badass Fashion Icons

Tank tops and boots. That's what I'm talking about. That seems to be the main wardrobe of all my favorite kick-ass women characters. Some people say that they are over sexualized, but I just think they are badass hotties. 

Lara Croft is a hottie. Female Indiana Jones, I think, yes? While the new game kinda sucked, I still think she is majorly hot. Just look at those gravity-defying boobs.  

Sarah Connor can take on future robots. She made herself a badass. Such nice biceps... I need to work out more.
I never did get to watch the new Sarah Connor Chronicles - are they any good?

Leela is awesome. Who says a cartoon character can't be a fashion role-model? Some girls have their Disney princesses, I have my one-eyed sewer mutant. I dressed up as her one year for Halloween. I think some of the newer episodes may have watered her down a bit, but at least she still has her tank top and boots... when they aren't giving her leaf pasties and other such bs. 

My favorite: Aeryn Sun. When I first started watching Farscape, I thought Chiana was going to be my favorite (who can say no to a gray alien?), but Aeryn Sun won out. Now I even want to be a space warrior when I grow up. She is my hero. She got me through some though some tough times... saying that makes me a pathetic nerd, doesn't it?

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