Friday, November 8, 2013

Iron Bars and Tanks

I love Tank Girl. I think she is the coolest. Therefore I will wear a pink shirt that is too small if it has her image on it. Also, please forgive my belly in these pictures. I ate cupcakes for breakfast.

The gray cargoes are from Loft. I am so sad about them. They are such a nice gray, but they just don't fit quite right. I will keep them as knock-around pants, though. I think my hoodie is from little boy's section. It has no tag and it is not cut for someone with boobs.

My socks are almost always Smartwool. I love that stuff. I doesn't shrink and it's warm in the winter and fairly cool in the summer. And it's naturally wicking and anti-microbial. 

My shoes are Brooks and they are beyond dead. One summer of walking and I kill a pair of running shoes. Hardly any tread and holes by my pinky-toes. Black running shoes are kinda hard to find, but I do need another pair.
I didn't even realize until after I took the pictures that my nails and my belt matched! The nail polish is China Glaze's In the Lime Light, but I have no idea where the belt came from.

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  1. Love the grey, neon green and hot pink combo. Your nails are so hot!