Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wild Wednesday: Abominable Fashion

Abominable Fashion

I love having fun with fashion. I totally subscribe to that quote, "Life is too short to wear boring clothes." The Phillip Lim feather shift dress in the middle is the one that started my new obsession with white fur and feathers. It is just so fresh and wintery, although a bit weird.

I can imagine that these are all a pain to clean but they are pretty awesome. Except that awful head cozy thing that Lady Gaga wore one time. I just had to add it because it is so ridiculous. Love her flapper style dress though.

Hope that you all have a happy Thanksgiving!



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    1. Aww, you made my day. Thanks! Subscibed and liked. love your style :)

  2. Unfortunately I don't understand this trend and can't judge these items. Maybe someone can wear such things for special events or even in real life but I can hardly understand this. I prefer basic clothes in my daily life and calm and classic things during holidays or evening parties. However I find reviews on about unreal combinations in the looks more often then simple outfits.