Monday, November 11, 2013

Countdown to Isabel Marant for H&M!!

The Isabel Marant for H&M collection is nearly here! You can visit H&M for a countdown along with some really neat music and quotes here

Below are some of the pieces that I am excited about but more than anything I think I need a pair of those fringe boots. I'm so in love!

Fun Fringe by Isabel Marant for H&M

Fun Fringe by Isabel Marant for H&M by kmfern featuring a zipper cardigan
And those police man hats are so hot.
The sweater is hilarious but I like it.
I think random people would try to touch it though.
Kind of reminds me of a sheep dog.

Isabel Marant for H&M 2

Isabel Marant for H&M 2 by kmfern on Polyvore
Here's some more pieces I like.
There are lots of comfy looking staples.
The metal scarf necklace is genius.
Gotta love the sequins leggings too - magical!

See any that you will be fighting for?

Happy Veteran's Day y'all!

<3 KM

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