Monday, July 1, 2013

Minty Daisies

Hi everyone! I'm KM, the other half of this blog :).

Two of my favorite colors lately have been seafoam green and ballet pink. I love wearing pastels in the spring and summer after wearing jewel tones in the fall and winter.

The daisy print of this vintage dress by Butte Knit is so pretty. I love vintage prints! The length of the dress is a bit long for summer so I pinned it up for the day and rolled the sleeves which usually fall just under my elbow. The sleeves have a slight bat-wing shape.

Taking pictures gives me an excuse to go out and about to pretty places.

I love wind blown hair, even if it can be irritating :P. 

I love the rounded toe of these shoes but they took a few days to break in. Ouch!

This dress would be extra adorable with a wide belt to accentuate the waist. I don't have any that match this look, but I love the way that they can give any dress an hour glass shape without being too uncomfortable.

In this look:
- Vintage dress by Butte Knit
- Vintage handbag by A&W
- Vintage sunglasses
- Vintage bangle
- Faux suede pumps by Lollipop

It took a lot for me to get out there and take these pics, because I still have weight to lose after having my last baby but I am glad that I did. It will feel good once I'm finally at my normal weight though!

<3 KM

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