Friday, July 26, 2013

White Meat for Zombies

I don't normally wear white. You know why? Because I'm clumsy, messy, and I like to sit on the ground.  But sometimes awesome clothes come in white, so I have to be flexible. 

I love this shirt. It's called Hardgore Singer and I got it at Shifted Image

I've had these shorts since 8th grade. They still fit because I had to draw the drawstring real tight on them back then. They have 6 pockets! Pretty impressive for shorts.  That's why I love them and continue to bleach them instead of just giving up on the white. They're from Hydraulic, but I don't think they make 'um like this anymore. 

White sunglasses, too! They're just drug-store glasses. I can't have anything better then that because I tend to break glasses. I'm not a very careful person, am I? Maybe it's just because I'm clumsy ol' zombie. 


  1. Normally I'm not a fan of zombies but this shirt looks awesome on you :). All white looks terrify me but they are so fresh and classy that I wish I could pull it off without being constantly paranoid.

  2. Haha - I don't think I'm pulling off classy. And I'm always paranoid anyway ;).
    It's funny. I don't like zombie movies or shows or books, but I like them visually. And, of course, bloody, entrail-y makeup. I think I prefer that bright-red and fresh, though.