Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Play the Theremin Today on Google! For Clara

Today would have been Clara Rockmore's 105th birthday and there is no better way to celebrate than by playing the theremin. Can't get your hands on a real one? No worries, Google has you covered.

This is the first time I have ever heard of this awesome instrument. I totally want to try it IRL. I am sure that its pretty challenging to hit the right notes due to the fact that there are no defined areas to hit but I love the concept of freely moving music.

Cool Facts from the Telegraph:

  • Clara was friends with the inventor of the theremin, Lev Termen aka Leon Theremin.
  • The theremin was the first electronic instrument. 
  • Clara was a child prodigy, originally known for her violin skills. 
  • The theremin produced the electronic sounds in Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys! 

Clara and Leon: two cool cats with mad skills.

Apparently Leon proposed to Clara multiple times but she ended up choosing attorney Robert Rockmore instead. Leon was an amazing inventor. Albert Einstein and Joseph Schillinger are among his mentors (Wikipedia).

Hope that you all are having a wonderful week!

<3 KM

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