Tuesday, March 29, 2016

When we saw Diplo and his Dad play in Vegas

We spent this spring break in Vegas to snag some sunshine and see all the sights. With all of the shows there it was hard to choose one but Diplo was only $25 a ticket so we decided to give it a go. We had just missed the whole Major Lazer crew the week before but Diplo did not disappoint!

Diplo's Dad warming up the crowd
Diplo has a Mad Decent Monday Show once or twice a month in Vegas. Apparently the show has been going on for 7 years already! Unlike normal EDM concerts this one requires nicer apparel since it is in a pretty fancy night club called XS which is attached to the Wynn. LBDs and tuxes gallore.

I really believe that these are real flowers. It's surreal! 
The Wynn is just gorgeous and filled with all types of beautiful flower displays.

So tempted to cosplay and take pics here. Maybe Dorothy or Alice?
The concert was epic. I didn't get any pics of Diplo since we were in the crowd. I was afraid to take my phone out for fear of it falling on the floor and getting stomped on. I totally dropped it while snapping a few pics while Diplo's Dad was playing but thankfully it survived.

Diplo's Dad played for hours before Diplo arrived but he's a great DJ. Some crowd friends told us who he was. When Diplo got on stage he played all of his collab hits including Where Are You Now and Lean On. I was content after those two but there were lots of awesome remixes too! The steam, glitter and lazers were just the best. Awesome show.

Diplo called Alesso to the stage at the end. Some of Alesso's songs have hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify, especially Heroes (We Could Be).  He seems to play a lot at the XS lounge too, I bet it's epic.

Jumping and down to the beat with the glow noodles was really fun and great exercise actually. Totally earned our buffet at the Bellagio the next day, which was amazing although I was exhausted. Hope that you all had a wonderful Spring Break! 

<3 KM

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