Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Grouplove and Ballparkmusic

Next Life Already by Ballpark Music was totally my anthem last week. It's been playing here in the Portland area for awhile now on 94.7 KNRK and it is the first song I've heard by the band. At first it totally bothered me because it reminds me of a Grouplove song, and I can't figure out which one. Now I'm all about it.

Both Grouplove and Ballpark Music are totally versatile and creative. I think the combo of male and female vocals, similar vocal tones and maybe similar chords makes me automatically put them in the same category. Both are totally my style.

So inspired by how awesome this song sounds with nothing but an acoustic guitar and two voices. Goals!

Grouplove has been a favorite artist of hubby and I for a few years now. He thinks that Shark Attack is the song that reminds me of Next Life Already but they are both very different. Maybe the songs sound different in my memory than they do when I listen to them. They both envoke that whole, "What is going on with my life?" feeling.

Trippin' The Light Fantastic is another of my favorites by Ballpark Music because it is so fun. This video is kind of like Napoleon Dynamite but even dorkier, like real life dork status. Way dorkier than the movies. Sweet!

I haven't seen Paper Towns but the fact that they featured a Grouplove song makes me curious although I normally wouldn't be. Love this line from No Drama Queen "My heart, it's all crazy. I think its time to runaway.

Surrender is a mellow Ballpark Music song. So comforting.

Colors by Grouplove. It's just so good. One of my favorite songs. Totally reminiscent of the Pixies, those legendary beasts. If only Kim Deal comes back...

Hope that you are all having a beautiful week. Leap Day totally threw me off somehow, I still haven't changed the date on my watch so I'm a day ahead. The primaries have been distracting too. What a nutty election!

<3 KM

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