Friday, February 26, 2016

Rey's Fruit Bowl

I am obsessed with romanesco - I get super excited the 2 times a year I find it in the grocery store. 

Because of this, I was happy when it was featured in the new Star Wars film. For some reason I thought that this would help make this rare vegetable more popular, but that didn't seemed to happen.

I was disappointed with the fruit casting in the prequels. Starfruit, pineapple, and pear? I mean seriously. Maybe it is because I grew up with those fruits, but they just don't seem very alien and fantastical.

Romanesco, on the other hand, is the most beautiful and trippy vegetable.

 I was also glad to spot a Kiwano melon. This melon is also pretty strange, with its gooey green inside and its spiny orange exterior. I had never tried it before and searched it out because of this scene. It really wasn't bad. 
I also think I spotted an all green dragon fruit! I am glad the fruits and veggies were better cast in the new film. I'm sure it doesn't matter to many people, but it really made me like the new movie more. 

Special thanks to my bestest internet friend for the screen shots.

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