Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Moon: My new favorite app

Printed Moon Phase Calendars confuse me. I think they are so cool but it bothers me that the picture of the moon takes up valuable writing space in each date square. The clutter of having little moons all over the page really annoys me, but I love the information that they provide so I know what to look for in the night sky. Thankfully there is an app that will make you a moon expert in no time!

MOON - Current Moon Phase is a simple, genius iPhone app that shows the viewer exactly what the moon will look like today. Sometimes the shape will be tilted slightly based on your perspective but the size will look just as it does in the photo. 

This is today's moon on February 16, 2017.

The moon is 70% full. It will be completely full in only 5 days. Time to prepare!

Here is yesterday's moon.

It says the full moon will be 6 days from yesterday, nice and accurate.

You can even prepare for the far future or investigate the past. Here is what the moon will look like on this day in 2042.

Hope that your week is going well. Yesterday was a great Monday. Monday holidays are always amazing and to top it all of the Alabama Shakes won three Grammy awards! I am content. Pretty sure this week is only going to get better and better after all of that good energy!

<3 KM

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