Friday, February 12, 2016

Studded Wrist Brace

I am always injuring my wrist. I think there might be something wrong with it - it's been weird since I was a kid. Even knitting or playing guitar can set it off. It gets better pretty fast if I don't move it around too much, so I need a wrist brace I can wear to help it heal and prevent future damage.

Wrist braces are pretty ugly. I got this one that can work on either hand and wasn't too bad looking except for the white, brand lettering. I took some fabric paint and covered it.

It looked a little better with the paint, but as you can see - it totally didn't match. That was when I decided to add studs.

I think it turned out pretty rockin'. Now it looks more like a fashion accessory than a medical device. It makes me feel hardcore instead of a wimp with a weak wrist. Most of my gloves even work over it!

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