Monday, July 6, 2015

My First Mini M.A.C.!!! - Rebecca Minkoff Rave

Rebecca Minkoff bags are a classic essential for leather lovers. With sleek styles, high quality materials and a wide variety of colors I am in love with these lightweight bags. 


The mini M.A.C. is just the right size to hold all of my essentials. It can carry my phone, wallet, keys, makeup and even a few makeup pallets. I could even add a mini hairbrush, toothbrush and mini deodorant if I needed to. The purse is known as the "one nighter" since it can carry pretty much everything you'd need to crash at your friends house, minus extra clothes. But you can totally borrow those anyways!  


A mini M.A.C. will set you back $195 if you pay full price, but there are often certain colors or styles on sale. The holographic pearl color that I bought is on sale for $130 right now. I used the 15% off sign up code offered on so I ended up paying only $110. Such a deal! I am already saving up for another color, Plum Smoke.

In most lights it looks more white than pink, but it often looks pink in my photos! 

  • Perfect size, not over powering but not too small.
  • The top and side pouches are both zippered.
    • This is a big plus for me.
      • I know that my keys aren't going anywhere without me! 
  • The logo is nice and small.
    • I am not a fan of big logos.
      • Even LV. 
  • Lightweight.
  • Nice thick chain.
  • The buckle detail on the front is a nice looking detail.
    • I also like the circle studs on the strap
  • The fun holo Pearl color reminds me of unicorns, fairies and the 90's. 
    • I totally dig it. 
  • Colors have a limited run which makes each purse a little more special. 
    • On the other hand if you see a color that you really like, it can sell out quickly. 
  • Durable, long lasting materials. 
  • It comes with extra fringe strips so that you can replace them if the suede side gets dirty.
    • You could also double them up if you'd like. 


  • I have a feeling that the pearl leather is not the most durable option due to the foil like finish. 
    • Thinking of getting a second one so I can rotate use so that it lasts longer. 
  • I wish the zippered compartments opened wider so that it is easier to retrieve items.
    • It does become less stiff and easier to access as the leather softens with use. 
  • The front buckle is mildly annoying to undo each time you need to access the front pouch
    • At least the items in the pouch are very secure!

The mini M.A.C. is my favorite purse at the moment. I am totally tempted to collect them all :). 

Any suggestions for awesome leather bags around this size? I am always looking for my holy grail purse and wallet combo. The mini M.A.C. is stellar but it would be nice if it opened a bit wider so I wouldn't have to dig so much. I might try a mini 5 zip next time since the zippers look easier to use, but I think the M.A.C. is cuter. 

If you are interested in this mini M.A.C. you can find it here

 & ♡ KM

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