Friday, July 31, 2015


 Poppies are one of my favorite flowers. They are the only flower I planted in my garden this year. I associate them with the storms of early summer. Their blooms only last for a few hours in the wind, giving them an ephemeral elegance. As pretty as the flowers are, I think the plants themselves are just as pretty, with their veiny leaves and hair stems.

I have been searching for a poppy dress for a while now, and I am pretty dissatisfied with the offerings out there. I found this pretty dress on Harper's Bizarre, but at about four thousand dollars, it is a bit steep. I especially like the eyeball in the center of one of the flowers. And the clock - it looks like a time-travel dress for sure.
This dress is more in my price range, and I like that the flowers show some detail. And as you probably know, I like blue flowers. I am unhappy about the trippy spots, though. Why do they have to be navy instead of black? Eh, it's a little too rockabilly for me anyway... 

I am always hoping to find a dress with the poppy plant at the forefront, but all that seems to exist are the flowers. 

There is this expensive dress that showcases the inner part of the poppy flower instead of the the water-color leaves that most fabrics seem to portray. 

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