Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ridiculous Snacks I Want To Try

I am a sucker for adorable, colorful packaging and sugary stuff so I have a hard time resisting the snack aisle. Most of the time I remind myself that candy isn't food and I try to pick healthier treats so I don't feel so awful about my food choices but these are so tempting! I get really bummed out if they don't taste good though. Sugar is only worth it if it's amazing. 
These are probably the strange chewy type of fruit snack. I like the ones that taste more like a gummy bear than fruit roll ups. That box though, so cute!
I love birthday cake ice cream, and birthday cake in general, but I am super skeptical about these. 50/50 chance they taste like sugary cardboard. May be worth it for the sprinkles. Possible cupcake substitute for a school birthday treat?
I just can't bring myself to pay for these but I am so curious. I did try the confetti cupcake and I was so sad because it does not satisfy a funfetti craving. 
This stuff looks dangerous. Was this around back in the day? If so I totally missed it. I wonder if it tastes like Waffle Crisp. Nom.
I'm sure the marshmallows are good but the cereal is probably awful lol.
Same here, but it is so cute! Mornings are not my favorite so happy looking cereal is a plus.

Happy snacking!

<3 KM

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