Monday, September 28, 2015

Send Seriously Awesome eCards with justWink

Back in the day I loved sending and receiving cards from Blue Mountain. Recently I gave justWink a try and I am seriously impressed. The artwork that they use is adorable and they each pack a bit of sass and/or sarcasm - just how I like 'em! 

JustWink cards are very straight forward. Each card has a front, middle and back and it opens just as an actual paper card would. When it reaches your recipient's mailbox it shows up in it's own virtual envelope. 

There are no animations or music. I appreciate this! Sometimes I really like eCards with music and animations but other times I just want to read the message and smile.


In an age when many of us share email addresses more than actual physical addresses, these eCards can really come in handy. They are:

  • Delivered when you say so
    • Instantly or Scheduled
  • Variety of Address Options
    • Email
    • Facebook
    • Physical Address
  • Customizable Options
    • Personal note
    • Signature
    • Personal picture
  • Earth Friendly 
    • Saves paper
  • Perfect for procrastinators
    • Include a gift card for last minute gifts
  • Wallet Friendly
    • Many are free or cheap
  • Mobile
    • Can be viewed on any device

If you download the Just Wink app then you can attach an eGift to the card from places like Amazon and Starbuck's. Pretty much the best presents ever. You'll save money on the card and packaging so you can throw in an extra $5 if your feeling generous. 

If you like one of these cards but know that your recipient prefers paper cards you can actually send the card straight to their door with all of the personalizations included. Pretty spiffy! I want to try it out just because I can. 

Note: Some of these cards are for adults only while others are totally PG. It's probably best to read the middle of the card carefully before you send it to make sure that it's appropriate for your recipient.

Hope that you are all enjoying this early Fall weather, I know I am! 

 & ♡ KM

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