Friday, October 2, 2015

Cobwebbed, Tattered, and Distressed

There is this one shop by my house that sells artfully tattered pieces of clothing for outrageous prices. I like to see their window displays and have wondered if I could pull of the dystopian look.

I had always wanted a black v-neck, but this one never fit very well. I decided it was time to experiment!

 I pulled out the seams on the bottom and the sleeves with a seam ripper. Then I just started pulling on the bottom threads. It takes a bit to get started, but after that you can just firmly run your finger down the top of the tear to pull the threads apart like pictured above. If you pull too hard the thread will break and make a hole

I learned that the process of distressing a shirt into a lacy cobweb takes ages - almost 2 full days. I now understand why the stuff in that shop is so expensive. I'm really not looking forward to hand-washing this thing, otherwise I love it. It is super comfy. 

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