Friday, October 23, 2015

Voodoo Dolls

I sewed up some voodoo dolls to give as gifts. Turns out everyone wants a voodoo doll to call their own. I like to use the one I kept for myself as a pin cushion. I mean a real pin cushion - for sewing. Man, I feel bad if anyone is connected to that doll.

Here is the pattern I made up. The big piece is the head, the medium piece is the body (x2), and the small piece is the arms (x4)).

Sewing the head is the hardest part because the seams are so small. I sewed through my finger while doing one of the heads. I think that doll is cursed. It wasn't that bad - only hurt for a day or so. 

Anyway, it is easiest to sew straight across on the heads and leave one of the four seams open to stuff and the hand sew later. You can even make it faster if you leave the bottom of the head and the top of the torso open and then just sew them together after you are done stuffing.

Leaving the arms open at the top is also the faster option, which I obviously hadn't leaned yet when I took this picture. I used a chop-stick to push the stuffing in.

Then I took some black thread and sewed little X's for eyes and a cross-hatched line for a mouth. I used three stitches for the mouth line, so they look more smiley. 

Now you can make your very own voodoo doll. Who wants to inflict some majik pain?

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