Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Adam Lippes for Target is still here!

Adam Lippes for Target launched September 27th. My store still has some pieces left and so does! I love the plaid but didn't find anything that I really need to have. Good for me though because Black Friday is right around the corner and I need to start saving. 

Here are some of the pieces that you may still be able to find:

I think these jackets are so cool but they definitely do not flatter my curves. If I had a different body type I'd rock them though.

Classic dress.

I wish these bags were real shearling, that would be awesome! I usually don't buy faux leather anymore but the backpack is dope.

So cute I just worry that they would hurt my feet. Anyone else find that cheap flats are just as painful as pointy heels? 

The melamine tray set on the top shelf here is seriously tempting. It would be so cute for Serving Christmas cookies and appetizers! I'm just not sure about melamine.

The sleeveless sweater here is really cute but I'm not a fan of the flaps. 

The big square plaid serving plate is really neat, but I am not sure what to use it for since its bumpy. Kind of a weird serving surface.

This dog treat canister is so cute that I seriously thought about buying it to use for a cookie jar. The red plaid next to it is actually a pet bed. Perfect to match Christmas decor!

I almost bought this sweater but then decided that it was too frumpy. The sleeves are so long which I normally like but it was a bit much. Then I found out that it is a men's sweater so it makes sense that it was extra giant haha.

I didn't get anything but I may go back and try the dress and the blue plaid blouse on. I love them but I have no idea what they will look like on me since they are so boxy. Could be super cute or just awful. 

Hope that your week is going well! 

<3 KM

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